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  Peter Jackson on Two Towers: full interview
Updated 11 December 2002, 15.20
Peter Jackson, director of Two Towers
Peter Jackson tells Newsround's Lizo Mzimba which film is his favourite - and what's on the Two Towers DVD

Did the reaction to first film affect the way you put this one together?

It didn't really because we're in an interesting position in that we shot all three LOTR films at the same time.

So when we released the Fellowship of the Rings last year the Lord of the Rings was shot [already] and Return of the King was done as well.

Obviously we're editing the films but I don't think anything for the reaction of the Fellowship really dictated the way that I edited the Two Towers.

I used the same decision making processes that I did on the Fellowship.

You basically look at the footage that you shot and you carve the best possible film you can out of that footage.

It was a nice unity that way because three years ago we shot essentially a nine hour movie and we're chopping it up into three pieces each Christmas - like a big Christmas pudding.

Was it daunting? With a storyline that jumps around like Two Towers was it hard making it into a seamless fit?
That was tough. From an editorial point of view of cutting the film together it was harder than the first one because the first one was a fairly linear story, this one as you say jumps between three different story lines.

It's more challenging and ultimately more fun as a film maker to have a more complicated story to tell.

I think it helps the pace actually because with a linear film you've got a certain amount of journeying that has to happen from event to event, which can give it quit an episodic feel.

But with the fact we've got three storylines and were able to jump from one story to another, we were able to cut out a lot of that walking and journeying to keep the pace kind of (flying) along a bit quicker.

Where's the third film at?
We've got a rough cut. And I just started last week, before I came over here, I started to do the final cutting of it which will take me about three months.

And then there's all the visual effects to do and the music and everything else so we're pretty busy next year. The third one is my favourite I think of the three.

What extra bits will be in the DVD for Twin Towers?
There's some great scenes - good stuff with Merry and Pippin and Treebeard. A couple of good Gollum scenes actually that we're going to put on the DVD that we didn't end up using in the film.

There'll probably be about the same amount of footage roughly as there was for the Fellowship - about 30 - 35 minutes worth of footage. There's a lot of good stuff, strong scenes.

In this film Gollum's interesting?
Oh you get to fully see him in this film he actually becomes a major character in this film.

He was teasingly glimpsed in the first film. Here he joins the cast and becomes a cast member.

And physically he looks different?
We saw him in the shadows - he's really very similar, that was the proto type Gollum that we used last year for the Fellowship. This is the real thing - this is the fully operational Gollum!

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