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  Elijah Wood on Two Towers: full interview
Updated 10 December 2002, 17.43
Elijah Wood talks to Newsround's Lizo Mzimba
Elijah Wood talks to Newsround's Lizo Mzimba

Elijah Wood spoke to CBBC Newsround's Lizo Mzimba about the pressure of being the main character in the Rings films.

Was it different playing Frodo in this film?
It was a lot more fun actually. I got to sort of begin to destroy Frodo over a period of time, and sort of etch away at his soul which was very difficult and quite a lot of fun to play.

And in terms of trying to manifest what the Rings is doing to them over a period of time. The Rings do definitely get a lot darker in this movie.

How difficult is it filming scenes out of sequence?
That proved to be difficult at times. I remember there was actually a period of time where we were filming primarily film one. And then we jumped to film three out of nowhere.

I hadn't really started to prepare for film three and Frodo's vastly different there. So that kind of freaked me out and took a couple of hours for us to figure it all out but I think we managed to make it work OK.

Can you give us any hints for the third film? What should fans be excited about?
The third movie's my favourite film. So I think if you're excited about any of these movies be excited mostly for the third film. It's pretty emotional and very dark.

For Frodo things get vastly worse. He becomes merely a shadow of himself by the end of the process. So you have a lot to look forward to, it's going to be very interesting. All the characters sort of descend, it's getting very scary.

Our viewers say Orlando is the sexiest - do you agree?
Elijah Wood pretends to be upset he's not as popular as Orlando Bloom
Elijah Wood pretends to be upset!
Of course! That is understandable, I've already come to terms with this [Elijah jokes]. I'm a hobbit, I'm fine with not being sexy. Really. It's OK.

So you're not jealous?
Really, it's fine. [joking]

Do you feel a lot of pressure being the central character in this huge epic?
No I don't really. I feel like in the process of making the movies it really felt like a combined effort on all people's parts.

It's an ensemble cast so I never felt like he pressure was on me. I think it was diffused throughout the members of the Fellowship.

What's it like working with Peter Jackson? How does he keep his vision?
God only knows - I wish I knew. The guy directed almost four units a day over the period of 16 months.

He'll have been working on these movies for seven years by the end - I don't know how he's done it. But he's amazing to work with.

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