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  Draco tells us he wants to meet more fans!
Updated 29 November 2002, 09.16
Tom Felton said he never gets to meet his girl fans
Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies, wants to meet more of you guys in the flesh!

He told us it while answering your questions in a CBBC Newsround webchat with Lizo Mzimba.

  Click here to watch the webchat in full

Tom responded to 14-year-old Felicia, who lives in Singapore. She wanted to know what he thought of his new-found popularity with girls.

Tom as nasty Draco Malfoy
"People keep saying that," he said, "but I never get to meet any of them!" But he said he loved catching up with fans at premieres and other publicity events.

Tom also talked a lot about what it was like on set.

He revealed he had to wear nearly a pot of gel a day to get his hair looking just right.

And in answer to Stacey from Portsmouth's question, he said that he and Dan got on brilliantly off-camera. With only 10 minutes a day filming, most of the time they were laughing and joking - but they made sure they turned on the hatred once the cameras rolled!

But Tom wasn't the only guest in our hotseat.


Christian Coulson plays evil Tom Riddle
Christian Coulson plays evil Tom Riddle
Christian Coulson told us that he listened to thrash metal to prepare himself for playing Tom Riddle.

But for himself, in answer to Lindsay's question, he said he's listening to Coldplay and Ms Dynamite.

And he revealed he's single!

Solved mystery

Shirley Henderson, Moaning Myrtle (or Moaning Mildred as she said one fan called her!), talked a lot about how she came up with the voice for her character.

Shirley Henderson plays Moaning Myrtle
Shirley Henderson plays Moaning Myrtle
She said it wasn't based on anything particular - "it just came from the book and from my imagination".

And we think we solved one mystery that no one's ever had the answer to before. She wore a blue uniform - which means she must have been in Ravenclaw house.


Bonnie Wright also answered your questions, including one from Amethyst about how she got the part of Ginny Weasley. She said she hadn't really read the books till auditioning, but she now loves them.

And Bonnie said would be "gutted" if she was the character who died in book five - though she hoped it would be someone "evil".

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