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  David Heyman COS: full interview
Updated 13 November 2002, 19.05
Producer David Hayman
David Heyman, producer of Chamber of Secrets, spoke to CBBC Newsround's Lizo Mzimba about the movie - and filling the part of Cho Chang!

What's the pressure like to deliver as a producer, after the first film was so successful?
Well, it's hard to imagine, but there is no pressure from the outside. The only pressure is what we put on ourselves.

We began shooting the second film on 19 November and prior to that we'd been shooting for five weeks so there was no time to rest.

The only pressure was that we put on ourselves, which was to make a good a film as possible, that we hoped would be better than the first.

I hope we've achieved that.

Were there some tough decisions to be made about what to leave in and what to take out?
Yes, inevitably, there were sequences that were left out.

I wish the Deathday party was in the film but it's not.

In a film that's two-and-a-half hours long you have to leave stuff out.

Jo's books get longer and longer so we're going to have to make tougher decisions as we go forward.

We made some tough decisions on one and two and I'm sure we'll have to make some tough decisions on three as well.

How closely did you work with Jo on this movie?
For the second film we were a little more on our own. She'd seen the first, she trusted us, and we were a little more assured and comfortable.

In the first we had to create a whole world.

Producer David Hayman
Now we're expanding on that world, so we were less reliant on Jo than we were in the first.

Going forward I think Jo will be involved again on the third. We've had a script meeting with the new director and Chris, who will remain involved.

How are things looking on that casting-wise?
No cast so far - we've literally just got the first draft in, which is now being re written.

Lots of names are being mentioned as possibles. Everyone from Ewan McGregor to Sean Bean?
Ewan McGregor
Who do you think would be great, Lizo?

I think Ewan McGregor or Jude Law would make a good Lupin.
The only difficulty is that they are meant to be peers of Alan Rickman so they've got to be a similar age.

What's it like having to work with a new director again having worked so closely with Chris in the last two films?
It's been effortless. Alfonso brings a different sensibility.

There's the world we've created at its core, but he's been given freedom to expand on that and to bring his own distinct vision too.

It's been really exciting. Ideas pour out of him at a relentless pace. Constantly new ideas.

He's inspiring, he's inspired and he inspires all those around him.

Lots of new characters are coming up. The thing children want to know is: who's going to play Cho Chang. Who are you going to go with? A child actor?
We'll probably go with a child actor, but Cho really becomes more prominent in Book Four.

In the third it's just the beginning, so when we make a decision they can look forward to a lot more in Four.

You really haven't made a decision yet? So they can write in and say I want to be Cho?

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