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  All our Harry Potter quizzes
Updated 07 November 2002, 14.53

We've created this enormous list of Potter quizzes to test your knowledge to the limit!

Click on the titles to try out the quizzes.

Are you as brainy as Dumbledore in this extra-tough movie quiz?

Think you know Order of the Phoenix? Then try our quizzes

Think you know the books inside out? Guess again.

How much do you know about the hero?

She knows everything, how do you compare?

Does Harry's best mate have anything secret from you?

Pit your wits against He-who-must-not-be-named!

Harry's only family are pretty private, what secrets you do know?

Possibly the nicest family in the world. Is there anything you don't know about them?

Who supports Voldemort and who doesn't?

One of the oldest wizarding families.

Try out this test about the head of Hogwarts.

Test your knowledge of Harry's first love.

Test your knowledge of the school.

Quiet please, heads down for this exam. There's an anti-cheating spell on it too.

They're the reason the school exists after all.

The pupils have got to have something to do other than school work.

What do you know about Lily and James Potter?

Do you know a grindylow from a hippogriff?

The great wizard sport. It involves broomsticks don't you know.

Speaking of broomsticks, see how much you know about all magic tools.

No self-respecting wizard couldn't beat this quiz!

Fancy a job working with Percy and Mr Weasley?

Can you get around magic's most famous street without an A to Z?

If you don't know enough about wizards, maybe you know more about muggles.

Who said what to whom and about who?

How much do you know about the person who created Harry?

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