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  Kids have mixed views on Fame Academy
Updated 06 October 2002, 18.04
Some of you thought the students couldn't sing
Young people just can't seem to agree on Fame Academy

It seems most of you either love it or hate it!

  What do YOU think of Fame Academy? Comment here

The BBC's search for a star kicked off on Friday night with a glitzy launch event, when we got to see the 12 students who'll be battling to win the showbiz prize of a lifetime.

'All the same'

Some of you compared Fame Academy to Popstars the Rivals
CBBC Newsround Online asked you to tell us what you thought.

Loads of you thought it was just another version of Pop Idol and Popstars.

Clare, 13, from Essex, asked: "Is there not enough of these on already? I mean Popstars is on ITV on Saturdays. What is the point of them both?"

And Laura, 15, from Hampshire told us: "It's sorta like Popstars/Big Brother with a bit of Pop Idol in it."

And, in our CBBC Newsround Online vote, 44 per cent of you said it was 'no different from other shows'. Only 20 per cent of you said 'it's wicked'.

'Real talent'

Fame Academy 'head teacher' Richard Park
But, not everyone agreed.

Caroline, 14, from Exeter, said: "This one seems to have a little more to it than Popstars, Pop Idol etc. It works them hard and they already have talent."

And Martin, 15, from Glasgow added: "At least the people on this show have some real talent, unlike Popstars."

Although some of you were shocked at who got through to the final stage.

Jade, 14, from Leicestershire, said: "I thought 'how on earth did some of them get into a fame academy?' Some of the singing was terrible, and some of the judges need their ears testing!!"

And Louise, 12, from Newbury Park, simply said: "There was one bloke who honestly couldn't sing!"


Camilla is popular with younger viewers
But some of the students have already stuck in your minds, like Camilla, Katie and Lemar.

  Who's your fave student so far? Vote here

Stephanie, 14, from Leicestershire, told us: "I thought Camilla woz wkd. She has fantastic vocals and the fact that she is a songwriter is amazing 2."

Laura, 13, from Southampton liked Katie best. "I think Katie has such a strong voice and she's only 18! The other contestants who caught my eye were Camilla, Marli and Pippa."

'Bring back My Family'

But some of you can't think of anything nice to say about it at all!

Caz, 13, from London said: "After all the hype, I was expecting something really good, but it was rubbish."

And Martin, 11, from Potters Bar summed up a lot of your views about the time of the show. "I say bring back My Family to Fridays," he said.

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