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  Daily Fame Academy update
Updated 12 December 2002, 21.17
Fame Academy
All the hot gossip - updated every day!

Week Eleven...

Fame Academy

Thursday 12 December

It's been a day of hard rehearsals and preparations for Friday's final live showdown when the ultimate star pupil will be crowned.

And they have been remembering old times in the house.

Especially the teachers! Dance coach Kevin has worked them hard over the weeks, but he has become very fond of his students.

He reckons he'll not only miss them but the whole thing - from the early mornings to the Friday night showdowns! Madness...

Down at Shepperton Studios where they have been rehearsing, there were some clues as to what the students would do it they won. David reckons he would buy a bouncy castle!

The Scottish lad has been named as red hot fave to win Friday's showdown by bookmakers. And newspaper reports reckon he's going to get a record deal - possibly with Mercury - whether he wins or not.

And, there was some news outside the house. As well as rumours that Ainslie has scooped a record deal with Mercury, nine more dates have been added to the Fame Academy students' UK tour.

The tour dates so far are:


  • 4 - Glasgow SECC
  • 5 - Belfast Odyssey Arena
  • 15 - London Wembley Arena

    Fame Academy

    Wednesday 11 December

    It was a bit of a sad morning as the three finalists took their last-ever dance class with Kevin.

    All he'll be doing now is fine-tuning their dance routines for the big night.

    Just to tempt the students, they were allowed a glimpse of the posh flat in London, where the winner will be staying. Of course, they all started nattering about what it'd be like to live there. They were all really impressed, but who'll be the lucky one moving in there?

    Later the teachers chatted about the students and how they were doing, They were all a bit worried as Sinead and Lemar are battling colds. Kevin then said Ainslie had been his fave student overall, and Carrie said Lemar was the best performer.

    In the evening, the three contestants gave their last speeches. Lemar said he'd "learnt a lot about himself" and his highlight was singing with Lionel Ritchie.

    Sinead couldn't stop thanking everyone and said her time in the Academy had been "priceless".

    David spoke about missing out on the show in the first round, and how he had "something to smile about everyday" now he was part of the show.

    Fame Academy

    Tuesday 10 December

    Carrie showed the final three students their original audition tapes this evening.

    None of them were looking forward to seeing themselves on screen in their pre-academy days.

    Sinead said: "These are going to haunt us for years."

    After watching the tapes Carrie congratulated the three on how much they'd improved.

    She said: "I'm really proud of you because I can see how hard you've worked."

    Earlier this afternoon the four CBBC Carrie-oke winners had the chance to listen to the students perform and tour The Academy.

    After the songs the overall winner was announced and was told her prize.

    Lucky Talia will get a one-on-one vocal lesson with Carrie, the chance to record a track in the studio, a makeover and a music video!

    Fame Academy

    Monday 9 December

    Five kids got a chance to check out the Academy after being picked from a lucky dip of fans queuing for autographs outside.

    They were let into the grounds to give the final three a chance to find out a bit more about the fame that is going to be theirs in the months to come.

    And Sinead, Ainslie and David all had their fans, and not just for their signing voices.

    Sinead's beautiful eyes were popular with a couple of fans, while others thought Lemar was buff and David was sweet.

    For the students kicked out of the Academy, they got their first chance to see their names on a new album.

    The Fame Academy album is in the shops today, and every single person who's been in the Academy apart from Naomi sings a song on it.

    The remaining students also said goodbye in their own special way to Ainslie.

    Kevin got them together around the Scotsman's favourite bench and had a minute's silence to remember the most recently expelled student.

    Fame Academy

    Sunday 8 December

    There was no time for a lie-in this morning, even though Lemar, Sinead and David had taken part in a whirlwind tour of their home towns on Saturday.

    At the playback of Friday night's show both Carrie and David said it had been Sinead's best performance - despite her guitar strap breaking during the song.

    And there was more praise for Sinead as they watched her duet with Ronan Keating.

    This afternoon the students started their final week of vocal coaching.

    Vocal coach Carrie praised all of them for their hard and how far they'd come over the past weeks.

    It's going to be tough week though as this Friday they'll be singing to win instead of singing for survival!

    Fame Academy

    Saturday 7 December

    Former Academy student Ainslie has appeared live on The Saturday Show.

    On the show he said they while all three students left were great, his favourite to win the grand finale next week is Lemar.

    He has also told BBC Choice he's "gutted" to be out of the house.

    Meanwhile the last three, Sinead, David and Lemar are going on tour of their home towns.

    They'll be raising money for Children in Need.

    Fame Academy

    Friday 6 December

    Nerves were building in the Academy as everyone prepared for the big night. The three students left at the end of tonight's show are in the big final.

    David even went so far as to say he shouldn't be in the show at all cos he only got in when Naomi left with her bad throat.

    Lemar kept his cool though, and said he was looking forward to the performances.

    On the night, Sinead went first and sang One Way Or Another. She even kept her cool when her guitar strap broke at the start of the song!

    Then Lemar did a version of Nothing Compares 2 U, and Ainslie sang U2's With Or Without You.

    David was last and sang Freedom - a hit for George Michael and Robbie Williams.

    Then came the duets - Ainslie and Sinead turned rockers to sing The Rolling Stones' Satisfaction, and Lemar and David sang a Stevie Wonder tune.

    Ronan Keating then joined Sinead for a duet of his hit, Tomorrow Never Comes.

    Then came the really hard bit. The public voted to keep Sinead and David in the Academy, and then that pair voted for Lemar. So Ainslie had to leave the Academy one week before the final! Bad luck.

    He looked upset but was still smiling as he left the stage.

    Fame Academy

    Thursday 5 December

    It was a big reunion for all the Fame Academy students last night as all the contestants who had been kicked out came back for a party.

    After a bit of fun, the remaining four said goodbye to their friends and got on with life inside the house.

    And what a day it was! Ronan Keating joined them to sing a duet with Sinead.

    They sang If Tomorrow Never Comes, and Sinead thought that Ronan's ideas for harmonies were "grand."

    All the Fame Academy staff got together to talk about the final foursome, and they were all really happy, especially with Sinead.

    It only remains to see who will be the next out.

    Fame Academy
    Wednesday 4 December

    The remaining four students switched on the Hampstead Christmas lights today.

    A crowd, mostly made up of young fans, gathered to see their telly heroes sing a couple of songs and then switch on the lights.

    Ainslie and David started off by singing the Beatles classic A Little Help From My Friends. Both were very popular with the crowd.

    Lemar and Sinead joined in the next number, the student-penned track Lullaby and finally all four belted out Lean On Me.

    Surrounded by hysterical fans, all Ainslie could say was "That was great!".

    Fame Academy
    Tuesday 3 December

    Kind Kevin decided to ask the tired students how they were feeling before their usual morning work-out.

    There were no major illnesses reported though, much to Kev's delight.

    He still let them off with a bit of a light aerobics session.

    And there was some news for the students in their usual lunch assembly with Head Teacher Park.

    He told Sinead and Ainslie to get their guitars warmed up because all the students would be performing Lean on Me, With a Little Help From My Friends, and Lullaby when they turn on the Christmas lights at Hampstead in London!

    But the big surprise was that the students will be singing live on BBC Choice in another "sing off" on Tuesday night.

    Viewers will get to vote on the duets which they are all preparing for Friday night.

    Ainslie and Sinead are doing Satisfaction, and Lemar and David's As.

    The winners get a VIP night out tonight to see the Indie band the Doves in London. This excited Doves fans David and Ainslie very much indeed!

    But this only made Sinead and Ainslie worry about their choice of song for the sing off and Friday night.

    Their original choice, the Rolling Stones classic Satisfaction, wasn't working very well for them. But with time running out, they had better decide soon!

    Fame Academy
    Sunday 1 December

    No matter how often they do it, getting up at the crack of dawn on a Sunday is always going to be a killer for the students.

    Ainslie and Lemar were particularly grumpy when music was blasted into their bedroom at 7.30am. It was even worse for Ainslie who was worried he might be getting a sore throat.

    The Scot's mood didn't get better either when the last four were allowed to look at a few newspaper clippings about themselves. Ainslie was upset with a story about when he asked Malachi if he could kiss him. "It was a joke!" he shouted.

    The voting system for this Friday night has also been revealed. The public will vote to keep two people in, then those two vote for the third person. But if there's a tie - then there's a surprise in store!

    Later the students had to perform their own songs they'd been writing with the Academy's expert song writing guests. Teacher Pam said she was "delighted" with them.

    David then had a heart-to-heart with teacher Carrie, and admitted he still couldn't relax in front of the TV cameras on the live shows. She said he needed to improve, but could be great with a bit more work.

    Fame Academy
    Saturday 30 November

    Things started off well for the students when they found out four pairs of professional songwriters were coming into the mansion on Saturday to work with them.

    Ainslie was over the moon when he found out he would be in a session with Mark and Saul from Indie band James, as they're one of his fave bands ever!

    Other songwriters include people who've penned tunes for Liberty X, Billie and Five.

    David then appeared on BBC's The Saturday Show and had a real laugh playing Loose Goose. He then sang his Friday night solo, For Once In My Life.

    After the show, David said he'd had a great time.

    But it wasn't fun all day. Ainslie later admitted he was really sad that his mate Malachi had been booted off the show.

    "Well, one of my best mates left The Academy last night," he said. "I'm really happy to be here but it's a horrible twist of fate I was the one to put Malachi out."

    Then there was some exciting news for the students when they were told they'd be switching on the Christmas lights in Hampstead, London on Wednesday.

    The contestants then watched back their live performances from Friday night. Lemar caused a bit of tension when he challenged Richard Park about his criticisms. Lemar said the head's comments were "rubbish".

    But he soon forgot about it when they all had to get their heads down and be creative with their famous song writing partners.

    Friday 29 November

    Well, it's eviction night again and all three up on probation are friends so Malachi's all worried about letting down Sinead or Ainslie's friends and family. Bless him!

    He reckons tonight's showdown is the toughest yet.

    "I'm up against my two best mates in here," he said, "Whatever happens, I'll put my hands up and wish them both the best of luck."

    "If I voted for Sinead against Ainslie, I'd feel for Ainslie, and vice versa. It's a no win situation."

    He's being quite calm about things though: he thinks the best person will win and even if he's the one to go he says "I'll pursue my music career one way or another."

    Fame Academy

    Thursday 28 November

    Sinead's been talking about what she might do if she doesn't make it as a superstar.

    She has got her heart set on being a singer/song writer, but reckons she could always fall back on bar work if times got tough.

    But ideally, if she wasn't the huge Fame Academy winner she says she'd like to at least get into the production side of things.

    But chatting about what it's like to share the Academy with the boys (and the girls) she reckoned it was much nicer sharing with the girls.

    If she had to bring anyone back to the house, it would be Pippa. Why? Because "She is just a really bubbly girl, very genuine and I get on really well with her."


    Fame Academy

    Wednesday 27 November

    The students are over the moon with their latest surprise: they're all to sing on BBC Choice and whichever three the public like best will have a night out at a London jazz bar!

    It's a reward for all the tension the gang have had to put up with the last few days.

    Each student has to sing Frank Sinatra's classic My Way in whatever style the like.

    And the lucky three winners get to go to the West End's Jazz Cafe.

    Maybe it is all the tension, but everyone seemed to panic and had to be calmed down by Carrie: "It's just a bit of fun!" she shouted...

    Fame Academy
    Monday 25 November

    Kissing cows and pigeons - the conversation took a bizarre turn in the Academy early Monday morning.

    It seems they were struggling for conversation in the mansion as Malachi launched into the strange subject.

    Maybe it was nerves as Malachi and Sinead both found out later that they're on probation. The lovebirds will be singing for survival on Friday night's show.

    But the third person on probation is still being decided by the teachers.

    Things got tricky for David later when voice coach Carrie confronted him about some tension. David reckons she favours other students over him and Carrie made him talk about it.

    "When you're asked who's the best (at the live showdowns), why does nobody ever say me? I don't understand why I can't get as liked as Ainslie or Lemar," David said.

    But Carrie put him straight and said she liked different things about all the students.

    There was a gloomy mood in the Academy in the afternoon too, with Malachi moaning that he thought he'd be kicked out on Friday, and the others making up a 'depressed song'.

    Things didn't get much better in Jeremy's personal development session later. They had to answer questions like 'who's the most likely student to rebel', and 'who's the most humorous', and they found it hard and a bit awkward.

    "I don't like these games," David grumbled at the end.

    Fame Academy

    Sunday 24 November

    Ainslie's been chatting away about all sorts of things today.

    He said how hard it is seeing his family and friends every Friday and not being able to speak to them.

    But he also said "I think I'll be on probation again this week and I don't want to go home yet either."

    He reckons Radiohead's The Bends is one of his favourite albums ever but doesn't fancy himself as a guitarist.

    But the claws come out when he's talking about other singers. He said: "I'm not a 'Gareth Gates', I'm not a 'Ronan Keating' and these people are brilliant singers but I don't have a lot of respect for them."


    Fame Academy

    Saturday 23 November

    Malachi's decided he wants to bite a few people. Yes, that's right, bite.

    When he was asked who he'd nibble on if he was an angry dog, he said: "it would probably have to be Kevin Adams and Richard Park!"

    Obviously he's not keen on the extra workouts he gets from Kevin and wants to have a go back.

    Richard would get a nip because he announces the probationers every week.

    And finally: "I'd also like to give Ainslie a good bite. I think he'd give a good fight back." Good job it was just a joke, eh?

    Fame Academy

    Friday 22 November

    According to tutors Carrie and Jo, it could be David who is the one to be kicked out of the Academy on the live show.

    They reckon Ainslie, Lemar and Katie have been best this week, and with Ainslie, Katie and David on probation - it could be bad news for David.

    Carrie also reckons could get a bit mad when Lionel Ritchie is on stage again tonight, this time using the six pupils as backing singers.

    And they're also worried about Sinead, because while they think she has a fantastic voice, she's not doing enough this week.

    Ainslie has had a good week despite being on promotion, because he's treated the threat of being kicked out as a challenge.

    He's also really happy about the number of flowers he's been sent this week, with around seven or eight bouquets arriving for him.

    Fame Academy

    Thursday 21 November

    The students had a busy morning practising the song they co-wrote with American crooner Lionel Ritchie and rehearsing for the live show.

    Meanwhile, the teachers discussed the three probationers and who they thought would do best. But they were full of praise for all three contestants, so it looks like this Friday's live performance is going to be a tough one.

    And the probationers have revealed what song's they're singing. At the moment, David is singing Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me, originally sung by George Michael and Elton John.

    Ainslie is performing Don't Get Me Wrong by old group, The Pretenders, and Katie is having a bash at Kylie's Can't Get You Out Of My Head.

    Fame Academy

    Wednesday 20 November

    Ainslie is the shock third pupil to be put on probation in the Fame Academy.

    The former A-grade pupil joins fellow Scot David and Katie in the trio of hopefuls singing for survival on Friday's live show.

    Head teacher Richard Park revealed Ainslie was chosen by the teachers because they reckoned he wasn't making the most of being in the Academy and wasn't performing well on the live shows.

    The final choice had been between Ainslie and best pal Malachi, and even the pair themselves looked surprised when the name was announced.

    Later Malachi consoled his mate saying how being on probation last week was good for him, while Ainslie said he was very happy Malachi hadn't been nominated.

    But there will be a good chance for them to get over things on Wednesday evening because the Academy is having a party to help boost everyone's spirits.

    Fame Academy

    Tuesday 19 November

    After the astonishing news that the students are to release an album of the songs they've been singing on the Live Showdowns you might expect them to be too shocked to speak.

    That's never going to happen!

    Sinead discovered she's the inspiration behind two of the songs the students had to write about each other.

    Ainslie called his You're Beautiful and said to Sinead: "You're weird and wonderful, bright and colourful in everything you do...everyone knows it's true but you."


    And Malachi called his ode to Sinead Eyes So Blue. Popular girl!

    Fame Academy

    Monday 18 November

    It was the first day in the Academy without Nigel - who got kicked out last night.

    David has admitted to Kevin that he's not at all happy to be the first student placed on probation this week.

    He said to Kevin: "I don't know what I have to do."

    "The last couple of weeks I just feel like I've been grinding and grinding, pushing myself, and I think a lot of the time it's gone unnoticed."

    And Katie got in trouble for being late to aerobics this morning.

    Kevin was so annoyed that he threw her fluffy slippers out of the window!

    Fame Academy

    Sunday 17 November

    The three probationers, Katie, Malachi and Nigel, tried to cheer each other up in the morning, in preparation for Sunday night's live show.

    "One of us gets off - two of us are back in prison," Nigel joked.

    Lemar is recovering from his sore throat, but seemed a bit worried about performing live. He'll be singing Everything I Do (I Do It For You) by Bryan Adams.

    As the afternoon went on, the three students who are singing for survival got more and more edgy. Nigel said he thought there was a "hidden agenda" as everyone knew who the Fame Academy favourites were already.

    Katie said she wasn't aiming to win tonight and she thought she'd be on probation again next week, even if she stays in.

    Malachi admitted he'd be "gutted" if he gets booted off.

    Fame Academy

    Saturday 16 November

    The students were up early and spent the day rehearsing hard for an unusual Sunday night showdown.

    Afterwards they were shattered and could barely eat their dinner.

    Katie then had a hair disaster when having her highlights done and she realised neither she or the Academy hairdresser knew quite what the stylist had told them to do.

    Things are still rumbling on between Sinead and Malachi - although neither of them seem quite sure what's happening. There's loads of jokes flying around about them getting married - but are they serious of just a joke?

    Tensions were high in the evening as everyone got ready for Sunday night. And it all came to a head when Nigel threw a wobbly. He was packing his bags in the bedroom when the Academy bosses turned the lights out and he couldn't see what he was doing. He went mad.

    Fame Academy
    Friday 15 November

    With their usual Friday night show cancelled for Children in Need. the students did their bit for charity.

    The remaining contestants raised nearly 900 by busking in a shopping centre in London.

    They played classic songs like A Hard Day's Night, Mustang Sally and Stuck In The Middle With You.

    But it wasn't all plain sailing - they were chased by fans who were desperate for their autographs.

    Fame Academy
    Thursday 14 November

    Nigel reckons the teachers are plain wrong about him after it was announced he was the third choice for probation this week, after Malachi and, yet again, Katie.

    He said they just need to understand him after they complained he needed to find his "identity."

    Meanwhile, as well as singing on the Children in Need show on Friday night, Sinead will also be performing on The Saturday Show.

    So she's been to trendy Notting Hill in west London to get some extra-glam clothes!

    And the students raised a grand total of nearly 900 when they busked at a London shopping centre for Children in Need.

    While they were there they were chased by autograph-hunters!

    Fame Academy

    Wednesday 13 November

    Classes were one down today as Lemar was laid up in bed with a cold.

    He's been put in isolation in a room by himself so he doesn't infect the other students. He also missed out on a busking in a shopping centre in London.

    Ainslie found out that it was his trainers that were smelling nasty.

    Despite sending them to the laundry they smelt worse than ever.

    Kevin advised him to send them again - but take the laces out first!

    The dance teacher also gave advice to Katie. She's on probation again and asked him why.

    He pointed out the positive aspects - like the fact she has more chance to perform for the public and get her face known.

    Fame Academy

    Tuesday 12 November

    Sinead won the grade A sing-off live on the Chris Moyles radio show to become the Academy's first ever A+ student.

    The Irish lass' belting version of Don't Speak by No Doubt saw her best Lemar and Ainslie to be the undisputed star of the show this week.

    Sinead now gets to sing her heart out live on Children in Need, before the probation sing for survival on Sunday.

    The hopefuls will also be singing live on Wednesday when they go busking!

    They'll be raising money at Brent Cross shopping centre in London as yet another test for the singing stars.

    For the four who didn't get to go to Radio 1, it was a day of writing songs - although quite a few of them seemed about being left out of the day's exciting radio performance.

    Fame Academy

    Monday 11 November

    So it's probation time again and again it's Katie and Malachi singing for survival, just like last week.

    However the third person won't be revealed until Thursday's live show.

    Malachi reckons he'll be the one leaving the Academy, telling song writing coach Pam that the song he's singing might be too sad to get him votes.

    This week there are three grade A students; Ainslie, Sinead and Lemar.

    They all get to sing on the Chris Moyles Radio 1 show as reward, after which one will be named the grade A+ student, and they'll get to sing live on Children in Need too.

    Nigel, who so far isn't on probation or a grade A star, is worried about his songwriting.

    He says he's struggling to match Malachi's effort, a song that Nigel says brings him to tears when he hears it.

    Fame Academy

    Sunday 10 November

    After last night's hard partying, there were some groggy looking students wandering around today.

    And the BIG news is that Malachi has finally got his woman and had a SNOG, yes, a SNOG with Sinead!

    Last night he read her a bed time story and to say thanks, Sinead gave him a cheeky lingering kissy kissy.

    That's not all - apparently Katie remembered she had declared how much she fancied dance teacher Kevin last night too!

    Tut tut...

    But Malachi was too tied up in his dreamy state to notice Katie and floated downstairs to sing My Girl... hmmmm.

    Sinead came down to join everyone opening their sack loads of fan mail. And guess what most of Sinead's said?

    It seems her fans think she should go for Malachi as they are just right for each other! How sweet!

    All the students know about the pash last night - and Sinead's verdict on the Irishman's technique?

    "Pure gorgeous like"... watch this space!

    Just a thought - what heartbreak there will be if they are separated! Yikes!

    Fame Academy

    Saturday 9 November

    The students have started to recover after the shock loss of Marli.

    They were all fairly cheerful around the brekkie table. Katie was delighted with her lucky escape while Sinead was pleased to find out she had shed six pounds!

    But the mood soon changed when Malachi and Katie were told off by Kevin for talking while they were on stage with Mariah Carey on Friday.

    It really is like school!

    The students then sat down to watch last night's performances, and there were some smiles, but lots of grimaces. Especially from Sinead.

    What lightened their mood was Head Teacher Richard's news that there will be three Grade A students this week plus they will get to go on Radio 1's Chris Myles show.

    Even BETTER news was that the Annual Fame Academy Awards would be held this evening. The students were given dinner jackets and ball gowns to par-tay!

    They were also set their song-writing task. They have to write one about another student of their choice.

    Ainslie was delighted and eagerly decided he could write one for Sinead called Everyone Knows You're Beautiful But You.

    Awwww.... What will Malachi think?

    When night fell, the students excitedly donned their fancy dresses and bow ties for the Awards.

    It was classier than a school disco!

    After boogie-ing on the dance floor, it was time to dish out the prizes. Lemar - who'd have guessed? - picked up the Student Most Likely to Make It prize and Best Singer.

    While Malachi picked up Kevin's Two Left Feet award and Best Looking Bloke!

    Meanwhile David got Best Songwriter and Nigel walked away with the Biggest Drama Queen prize!

    Week Five...

    Fame Academy
    Friday 8 November

    There were shocks all round in the Fame Academy as Marli was booted off the show, and Katie stayed in.

    Marli's a former grade A student, but after Katie won the public vote, the rest of the contestants voted unanimously to keep Malachi in the academy.

    Marli's performance of old classic, Tracks of My Tears, was praised by all the judges, but it wasn't enough to keep her in the show.

    Poor old Katie was speechless when she found out she was staying, especially after all of the teachers quizzed by Patrick Kielty said she was the worst performer!

    Mariah Carey was back on the show, after holding a masterclass for the remaining students this week. She sang her new song, Through The Rain, with the contestants doing backing vocals.

    Nigel and Ainslie put their differences aside to sing Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic by The Police, and Sinead and Lemar sang a version of U2's I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For.

    David did well too. After the newcomer was voted grade A student this week, he was allowed to sing one of his own songs on the show, which went down really well with the teachers and the audience.

    Throughout the day, the contestants were busy doing final rehearsals and wondering who was going to leave. Now they know!

    Fame Academy

    Thursday 7 November

    Marli is struggling to stay in the Academy despite being a former A-grade pupil, because Katie and Malachi are doing so well with their probation practices.

    The ever-improving Katie is impressing everyone with her hard work, as is Malachi, but Marli is still suffering a confidence crisis.

    Having been put up for probation hit hard, as did yesterday's development game when she burst into tears but having been top of the class before, there's always a chance she could rise to the occasion.

    Even though Nigel had been in a bad way the night before, it was David who was struggling with a bad head the next day.

    He said he though Katie was doing really well, and was surprised she was up for probation because she was getting better every week.

    Kevin was also struggling, and vocal coach Carrie made him do 30 press ups because he went to football despite not liking it, while she was a massive Gunners fan.

    But Carrie had more punishment in store, making Kevin do the press ups with Katie sat on his back - which she seemed to enjoy more than he did.

    Nigel and David came back from their night out at the football telling tales of stardom.

    Nigel looked a little worse for wear having had a few drinks, and told everyone that he had signed about 50 or 60 autographs.

    Kevin, who went with the boys, corrected him saying he did sign one or two.

    Fame Academy

    Wednesday 6 November

    After a packed afternoon, some of the wannabes had a bit of a flirt to wind down. Sinead and Malachi joked about marrying each other, while Katie and Lemar chatted cosily on a sofa.

    Everyone spent the afternoon busily practising their songs for Friday. Most of it went well, although Kevin got frustrated when Nigel didn't seem to know the words to his song. He and Ainslie are doing a cover of Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic by The Police.

    Carrie had a few words with Malachi, who she said was "holding back" with his rendition of David Gray's Babylon.

    It was a tense morning in the Fame Academy house when Jeremy made the contestants play a 'personal development' game.

    They all had to write good and bad things about each other on anonymous Post-It notes and stick them on each other's back.

    Most of the comments weren't too bad, but Marli came off the worst. She was called "manipulative" and "unfaithful and disloyal". Marli ended up in tears, even though some of her good comments were that she was "caring and fun".

    Still, Sinead didn't get off lightly either, as she was dubbed "hostile" and "interested in her own goals", but also "beautiful and hilarious".

    The morning started with Ainslie turning detective and trying to find out which prankster had put a banana in his pillow. No one admitted the fruity joke.

    Fame Academy

    Tuesday 5 November

    It seems miserable Marli has perked up a bit since her bad probation news yesterday - she was keen to show she's no flop and offered to take over Kevin's warm-up session in this morning's class!

    After all that tough toe-tapping, Malachi started working on his Friday night performance.

    Personal tutor Jeremy sat in and listened for a bit then gave it to the Irish lad straight. He told him he needed more expression in his face and a little bit more "grrrr"!

    But Malachi took it all on board and decided to imagine getting cosy with Sinead to liven him up!

    There was more advice on hand for Scot Grade A David as he practiced his tune on the piano.

    Voice coach Carrie told him: "You're giving me 'thutts' and 'nuts'. I want 'thoughts' and 'knots'." Poor lad!

    But the biggest excitement of the day came when singing diva Mariah Carey joined the students for an Academy masterclass.

    The lucky eight are to record the backing vocals to her new single Through The Rain.

    And an excited bunch they were too! Lemar serenaded her with a bit of Let's Stay Together.

    Carrie's jokey reaction? "Rubbish isn't it?"!

    Yeah right!

    Fame Academy

    Monday 4 November

    Probation time again and Katie's days do seem to be numbered - she'll be singing for survival yet again on Friday's live show.

    Although she was complimented on the way she sang last week, she was told it should be like that all the time. But she just laughed and said "OK."

    Malachi's the next up for the vote. He was criticised for not giving his best when it really mattered. Harsh!

    It was Marli's turn next. She's the first student to sing for survival since making the 'A' Grade.

    Kevin said: "She has underperformed since she made Grade 'A'. She's not quite cutting the mustard."

    She wasn't so cool: she could hardly hold back the tears as she told Ainslie: "I'm really shocked."

    David is this week's top student and tried to comfort Marli by saying being on probation is "the best thing" and "amazing!"

    Fame Academy

    Sunday 3 November

    The plants have arrived!

    Each member of the academy has a plant named after them.

    The grand opening of the greenhouse didn't go to plan as when Richard went to open the door it fell off!

    Fans voted for which plant each student should get and they all seemed happy with the choices.

    Katie was given a peace lily because she has a classical background and is beautiful.

    Ainslie was given a yukka also known as a dagger plant.

    Richard said: "You've got a spiky, tough personality but every household should have one."

    Saturday 2 November

    After last night's performance Malachi seemed a little down.

    He told Jeremy that he was shaken by Carrie's comments on his singing.

    But Jeremy pointed out it must be hard for her to stand up and criticise her students.

    Meanwhile some Academy students, including Malachi, were lucky enough to receive fan letters at breakfast time. Malachi and Sinead got the most, but Lamar was quick to joke that Malachi was probably getting all his mates to write in!

    The students are getting ready to receive a greenhouse full of tropical plants.

    Each student will be given a plant to look after for the rest of their stay in Fame Academy.

    Week Four...

    Friday 1 November

    The mutual appreciation society of Lemar and soul legend Lionel Richie reaches its peak as they get ready to sing together in tonight's show.

    Lemar was over the moon about duetting with Lionel on his mega-hit Easy.

    Lionel reckoned he wasn't going to give Lemar an easy ride so Lemar's suitably nervous.

    But then again maybe he's so cool he's got nothing to be scared of! We'll have to wait and see...

    Thursday 31 October

    Happy, smiley faces all round as the students performed their little hearts out before making going to Shepperton for rehearsals this afternoon.

    Carrie and Kevin were impressed with Nigel, Pippa and Katie as they sang their Songs For Survival.

    Kevin said to Katie: "You must have slept in a new bed last night because you have woken up a diva!"

    Earlier on Malachi mucked around like a trooper: He spent his time hiding behind a plant and jumping out to the cameras, much to the amusement of the lads.

    Then David and Ainslie joined in his nonsense by trying to hide from all the cameras. Yeah, right guys, this is a reality TV show!

    Wednesday 30 October

    US singing superstar Lionel Richie's been putting the students through their paces.

    The soul legend was on hand for a masterclass but when he heard the tough schedule they have to go through he said: "Oh my God! Those poor people. They're under pressure, man!"

    They might be but Lemar sure looked cool as a cucumber when he was singing one of Lionel's biggest hits along with the man himself.

    It was hard to tell which was the multi-million star and who was the wannabe!

    Meanwhile, Pippa, Katie and Malachi have been coming in for some stick from the tutors.

    They were 'worried' about all three of them: the hint was that maybe they're not 'professional' enough...

    Fame Academy

    Tuesday 29 October

    Nigel and Sinead both had bad headaches today, but for different reasons.

    According to headteacher Richard, Nigel was suffering from over-training and stress, and the normally nasty Academy head decided a lie-in was the best medicine.

    The other sickie was Sinead, but her banging head was the result of too much to drink at the big Madness musical premiere the night before.

    The Grade A student was then given a tough workout in the dance class from choreographer Kevin, before going back to bed too.

    On-probation Pippa was also out on Monday night, but she was in top form practising her chosen track for Friday.

    Anastacia's I'm Out Of Love (Set Me Free) suit's the Hull lass' voice really well, and will give her a good chance of staying in the Academy.

    Fame Academy

    Monday 28 October

    Sinead's shining performance on Friday's live show earned her the top grade this week.

    She opted to take Pippa with her for her prize, a trip to the star-studded premiere of the new Madness musical.

    But it wasn't all good news for Pippa coz she's up for probation again, the third time she's had to sing for survival.

    Katie is also facing the public vote for a third time, while Nigel is the third pupil trying to avoid being expelled.

    The songs the trio will be singing have also been announced.

    Pippa will be rocking the crowd with Anastasia's I'm Out Of Love (Set Me Free), Katie will be singing Like a Prayer by Madonna and Nigel will be hoping Bryan Adams' Heaven will save him.

    Sunday 27 October

    The students had a windy day like everyone else today but for once it wasn't caused by them! The boys decided the best thing to do on a windy day was to run about in the grounds shouting very loudly.

    In her webchat, Pippa reckoned her and Marli would be put on probation this week. Even though she hasn't been for a fortnight, it hasn't made her any less insecure.

    Meanwhile Personal Tutor Jeremy made his predictions for the Grade A student this week: "Sinead...or why not Pippa?"

    Saturday 26 October

    Poor old Ainslie's been feeling the pressure. He's been spotted talking to himself and weeing in the bushes! It seems being the Grade A student is till getting to the poor mite.

    He reckons he's got to come to terms with the fact he's just not going to win the big prize and that he just wants to have a laugh now.

    Meanwhile, Nigel reckons things are just getting too tense and it's probably because of the comments from the teachers after last night's performance.

    He says there's a good chance the students could start to crack under the pressure this week. Let's see...

    Fame Academy

    Thursday 24 October

    Ainslie's not been happy in the Academy, but amazingly it's because he is the Grade 'A' student!

    He was moaning to best pal Malachi because he thought the special treatment he got was making him unpopular with everyone else.

    Ainslie had already apologised to Sinead because he reckoned he was stealing all the limelight, and once he had a manly hug with Malachi, everything seemed better.

    The pupils also did an exercise to try and get them used to performing in front of a crowd.

    As the three preparing to sing for survival were going through their paces everyone else shouted at them to try and put them off.

    Ainslie kept telling Katie she was rubbish - but only to get her ready in case the worst happens on Friday.

    Fame Academy

    Wednesday 23 October

    It was a big day in the Academy with superstar singer Shania Twain dropping in to offer some hints and tips on how to make it.

    She met all the pupils but spent lots of time with Nigel, Lamar, Pippa and Sinead as they worked on their singing with coach Carrie.

    All four hopefuls sang their own versions of one of her songs to her and she explained loads about how she writes songs, sings songs and performs live.

    Even though she was only in the academy for a short time Shania said she'd been watching the gang on the TV, and told Ainslie how much she enjoyed the song he wrote with Malachi and Sinead.

    Shania will also be performing on Friday's live show, singing her new single.

    Fame Academy

    Tuesday 22 October

    Kevin wants the students in the Academy to stay healthy as the 'flu season approaches.

    So it's in with the fruit and out with the fat!

    "Well, their diet definitely needs to be protein loaded. Drinking lots of OJ - for vitamin C - which needs to be kept cold," Kevin recommended.

    Fame Academy

    Monday 21 October

    Ainslie followed in the footsteps of Marli and Lemar and was voted this week's top student.

    Richard Park told the shocked Scot that his prize was a night out at the Q Awards after-show party.

    And Ainslie chose Irishman Malachi to go with him.

    Later Ainslie indulged in some serious personal grooming.

    He even strode into the girls' room and asked: "Who wants to give me some eye make-up?"

    Fame Academy

    Sunday 20 October

    It was back to work with a bang on Sunday as Kevin got the pupils working hard after two days without any choreography lessons.

    Unfortunately for the hopefuls Kevin was in a good mood, and was keen on pushing them hard - despite pleas to take it easy from Pippa and Ainslie.

    After the lesson head Richard was waiting for Kevin for a chat, and the pair discussed how they think the 10 remaining students are getting on.

    Kevin revealed he thinks Camilla can give lots more and that Katie needs more confidence.

    Lemar still seems to be a big favourite with Kevin saying his showing on Friday was an "A-grade performance".

    And is Marli starting to fancy Ainslie?

    Late on Saturday night they were messing around together and then when she was interviewed every question about her fellow pupils seemed to produce the answer Ainslie.

    Fame Academy

    Saturday 19 October

    The day after the live show saw the Academy pupils talk excitedly about Friday.

    Ainslie was really happy with his duet with Marli saying he loved it and how sexy and rocky it was.

    He had more praise for his singing partner, saying she and Lemar were the two pupils with star quality and most deserving of the prize.

    The tutors were also chatting, and reckon that the pupils are getting far too nervous before the live show and are trying to solve the problem.

    Even so they had lots of nice things to say about people, especially Nigel who head Richard and vocal coach Carrie both thought was really developing and was getting easier to work with.

    They were also impressed with Pippa's efforts in front of the live audience, thought Sinead was fab and reckoned if Malachi doesn't win he should try his hand at comedy.

    Fame Academy

    Friday 18 October

    On Friday Nigel was looking extra cheerful because he was glad he wouldn't have to perform his Song For Survival - unlike last week.

    Meanwhile David admitted he had found the first few days in the Academy a bit hard because he felt all the other students missed Naomi.

    But now he reckons he's truly settled in: "Last night and today have been tremendous. I'm starting to fit in and I think I'm going to really enjoy it," said David.

    Malachi is looking forward to showing off his new dance moves in Friday's performance - he's been taking extra lessons with teacher Kevin.

    And he revealed he'd be most upset if Kate left the Academy - although he says he doesn't fancy her.

    Do we believe him? Watch this space!

    Fame Academy

    Thursday 17 October

    Last night the students were getting cheeky in a game of Truth of Dare.

    Dared by Ainslie and encouraged by the other whooping cheering students, Marli and Chris shared a 30 second snog!

    Academy newcomer David Williams has told how he's had a really wild time in the Academy so far. He also admitted that he was finding the dance training a bit tricky.

    "My legs are in agony from the warm-up with Kevin yesterday, and that's going to take a while to wear off," said David.

    Meanwhile the school's bosses and trainers talked about who they would be least sorry to say goodbye to on Friday when one of the probation students will be voted off.

    Carrie reckons it would probably be Katie and Head Richard opted for Chris. But Kevin wouldn't give an answer

    Fame Academy

    Wednesday 16 October

    Grade A student Lemar paid the price for his glam night out at the National TV awards. He found it really difficult to get out of bed and was ticked off by Kevin for turning up in the dance studio six minutes late! But even though he was looking a bit tired, the he still managed to give a top performance - what a star.

    Meanwhile Kevin showed his caring side to Sinead. Today he took the 22-year-old aside - and told her he's decided to give her an ego a boost with some one-to-one tuition.

    Newcomer David Williams showed everyone he was quite at home in the Academy. He sang the song Time After Time with Malachi and Sinead - Carrie said they all sounded really good.

    After a week of practicing their song writing skills the students played their new tunes to one another - and the big boss Richard loved them! He was particularly keen on the song written by Ainslie, Malachi and Sinead, and said it sent shivers down his spine.

    Pippa looked a bit bored as she had to sit out of today's dance classes because she'd injured herself.

    Ainslie and Malachi had a play fight wrestling match - but Ainslie was no match and Malachi was the clear winner!

    Fame Academy

    Tuesday 15 October

    Lemar's started having odd dreams about watches and Dionne Warwick. Nigel having disturbed nights too so they started sharing their weird sleep experiences over breakfast - must be all the pressure!

    Kevin was not in a good mood this morning becasue he was woken up last night by what he reckons sounded like floor boards being pulled up!

    So Kev's idea of punishment was a really really hard work out on the dance floor! Pippa had to give up and later in the day, a specialist had to be called in 'cos she really hurt her thigh.

    Poor lass. The specialist said she had slightly torn a muscle so she will sit out the warm-up dancing this week.

    The day improved for one student at a least - Lemar, the new Grade A student.

    His reward for all his hard work is a night out on the red carpet with Cat Deeley and Patrick Kielty at the National TV Awards tonight!

    He was very very excited.

    The afternoon saw the students split into three groups for their song-writing class. They took out their instruments and started strumming away - mostly about love... awwww. Doesn't sound like hard enough work!!

    But the MAJOR excitement of the day was of course the new boy in class - David Sneddon!

    The 24-year-old was beaten by Sinead for the final Academy place. But he now has his chance to shine as unwell Naomi's replacement.

    After the day's excitement, the girlies had a chance to go through the stylist's dressing-up box to find something to wear for Friday.

    It's always tough deciding what to wear. And none seemed happy with what they picked. Katie didn't feel sexy and Pippa was told she needs to look a bit more "grown-up"!

    It's a star's life!

    Fame Academy

    Sunday 13 October

    Head Park gave the students a right row this morning after they broke Academy rules on Saturday night - again.

    There was a big pillow and food fight after lights out which made the bedrooms looks like a feather-fest.

    And apparently one student went "off-bounds" and someone fiddled with some important equipment.

    Ainslie was not happy and swore at the Head! He reckons rule-breaking shouldn't have anything to do with how they are graded.

    Head Park thinks it certainly does. He did give them the Euro 2004 footie results though!

    After all that fuss, it was time to get fit with dancing Kev. He is putting them through an even harder exercise routine than last week.

    He accused Irish Malachi of having "skivy-itis" and told them all they had to put in much more effort.

    He also showed them their new dance routine for Friday's showdown. It's a toughie and they'll be doing it to Bob Marley's One Love. Nigel seemed to be enjoying the bopping a lot more this week and seems to have got more confident with his grooving.

    Meanwhile, Katie had a bit of one-to-one with teacher Carrie. She told her she was "scared" of learning how to sing pop and not classical musical.

    Carrie thinks she has it in her and just needs confidence.

    Fame Academy

    Saturday 12 October

    It's the start of a new week in the Fame Academy and the students have been getting used to being minus one - Ashley.

    They were harshly woken up at 8.30am after Friday night's stressful and tiring performances. Nigel speedily leapt up to unpack his suitcase - he looked chuffed to be staying!

    And Naomi got steaming - it's the best thing for sore throats apparently. But she was quickly ordered by Head Richard Park to go back to bed to rest - lucky thing!

    The girls were pondering whether all that bouncing up and down in the studios done anything for their figures. They agreed they defo feel "firmer".

    Then the moment they were dreading - sitting down with the teachers for the verdict on Friday's live performances.

    The teachers were more generous with their praise this week and were positive. Even though they said there is still loads of work to do!

    More good news was ahead, as they were given a chance to write a shopping list!

    Weirdly, Ainslie said he was going to ask for some cat poo.... hmmmmm....while country boy Malachi joked about wanting a cow to milk every day.

    That Academy's getting to them.

    Week One...

    Thursday 10 October

    Fame Academy
    The day started off with some intensive vocal rehearsing, ready for Friday night's live performance.

    Katie and Chris struggled with some parts of Shanice's I Love Your Smile, but voice coach Carrie was as patient and encouraging as ever. She told Katie she sounded like "da soul sister" but she had to get her timing right.

    The pressure's on for the three probationers - Ashley, Nigel and Pippa. The teachers think Ashley's given up a bit and has lost self confidence. But they also reckon Nigel and Pippa are coming along great.

    Carrie was bursting with praise when Pippa sang Nelly Furtado's I'm Like A Bird. Pippa was sporting a new look - she's wiped off some of that make-up - and everyone thought she looked great.

    And it was good news for Naomi too. She burst into tears when she heard the teachers being called into Richard Park's office, thinking it was to tell them she was being expelled 'cos of her sore throat.

    But Carrie quickly told her she'd be staying in the mansion for now, but she wouldn't be singing on Friday, as she had to rest her voice.

    The teachers have also been commenting on the first week. They're all finding it fun but stressful. And Kevin seemed to be finding it the hardest. "I do not think anyone, including the teachers, realised how hard it was going to be," he said.

    Wednesday 9 October

    Fame Academy
    It was girls against boys when the students went outdoors for an early morning fitness session.

    Dance coach Kevin pitched the guys against the gals as he made them run circuits around a tree. Unfortunately, Marli was trying so hard she fell over on the grass and had to be excused!

    Head Richard Park then called Kevin in for a chat about the 12 contestants. There's only two days left til the big performance on Friday and he wanted to compare notes.

    They're both worried about Naomi, who's throat is still bad. And they agreed Pippa is coping well with being 'on probation' even though she's only 20.

    Richard said he was worried about fellow probationer Nigel, but Kevin stood up for him and said he was a "real trooper".

    Later, Kevin backed this up when he took time out to reassure Nigel. He told the 31-year-old dad he was doing well and should not worry so much.

    But as Richard said, Friday night is the "biggest test this Academy has ever had".

    Fame Academy
    Tuesday 8 October

    It was straight back to the dance floor for the students this morning with another tough toe-tapping session with Kevin.

    He really worked them on their new Friday night song Pride (In The Name Of Love). They were going to sing Celebration but the teachers decided it was too tricky.

    After over two hours of that, some of the students had a go in the gym. Camilla headed straight for the punch bag and hit away - wonder who she was thinking of?

    Others practiced their duets - Katie and Chris are singing together on Friday and as they tried out their dance moves, Kevin complimented them for making it look like they were VERY close!

    After lunch, a miserable Marli went to her bed for a sulk. Ainslie followed and she told him she didn't think she deserved to be the A student - is she feeling the pressure of being teachers' pet?

    Ainslie told her to stop being so silly because "you're fantastic!"

    But Ainslie's having problems too - he's fed up of sweating so much, he's shaved off his underarm hair with a little help from Naomi!

    And Naomi may have even bigger worries. In a meeting, the teachers talked about her growing throat problems. Apparently she might need a specialist and may not sing on Friday!

    Head Teacher Richard warned if she did not perform next week either, they may have to think about her place in the Academy.

    The students also started making a Fame Academy Yearbook and got the chance to say what they thought of themselves and each other. Among the goss was Naomi's admission that she was 'most likely to fall in love with someone here', and Ainslee thought she was 'most likely to win!'

    Fame Academy
    Monday 7 October

    The day started badly for Ainslie. He was caught having a sneaky cigarette on the balcony after lights out - completely against the rules.

    Head Teacher Richard Park gave him a stern telling-off in the morning.

    They have also been practising a couple of Friday's songs Lean On Me and Pride (In The Name Of Love) with Music Teacher Jo Noel.

    But the big news for Monday was Grade Day and after a long meeting, the teachers decided Nigel, Ashley and Pippa have performed the least well in lessons since Friday. Marli meanwhile came top of the class, scoring an A.

    The students' nerves, legs and voices were in rags anyway with early mornings and hard dancing in Kevin's classes.

    But the pressure was just too much for some of them as they heard the news.

    Nigel - who had already walked out of one dance class - went upstairs to hide his teary face. The others tried to comfort Pippa who was also shedding a few.

    Fame Academy
    Sunday 6 October

    The students were all bleary-eyed after another early start on Sunday.

    But there was no rest for the wannabes as they were whisked off to a dance studio for their first choreography lesson with Kevin.

    And surprise surprise, Kevin wasn't happy with their performance. He said they lacked energy and there was no point even rehearsing the moves he'd planned to use.

    Ainslie was ticked off when he missed his individual singing class because he got distracted playing his guitar.

    And 'head' Richard Park cracked down on the students and told them they must all read the Fame Academy 'rule book' before they go any further.

    Fame Academy
    Saturday 5 October

    The 12 contestants woke up to their first day in the Fame Academy mansion.

    They were allowed to 'lie in' till 9am on their first day, but in the future they'll have to wake up at 6.30am!

    The wannabes have started a gruelling schedule of dance classes, vocal training, song writing sessions and acoustic sessions.

    But they soon got a grilling from teachers, who picked apart their live performances on Friday. As the group watched a video of the show totogether, the teachers said they were "flat" and would only give them 15 out of 100 if they were being marked. Ouch!

    Poor Ashley had a bad turn in the afternoon when he messed up his singing lesson. He sat with his head in his hands, but was cheered up after some friendly words from fellow contestant, Nigel.

    The teachers have also picked the two songs the students will sing next week - Celebration by Kool and the Gang, and Lean On Me by Bill Withers.

    Fame Academy
    Friday 4 October

    The Fame Academy opened its doors to 12 pop hopefuls on a quest for stardom.

    The first 11 all appeared together on a show on BBC One, performing songs including Everybody Wants To Run The World and Say My Name.

    The students were then flown by helicopter to enter the Academy for the first time, and were welcomed by head teacher Richard Parks.

    But the big face-off was between three people fighting to become the 12th member into the house.

    Sinead, Paul and David all performed numbers, and despite David's cheeky grin, Sinead's raw talent won through, getting her 51% of the vote.

    She eventually arrived around midnight. Lights out were at 12.20am after a champagne reception. An exciting end to the first day!

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