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  How to be a star
Updated 05 July 2002, 08.45

Stop dreaming and start achieving with our tips from the top - including former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney!

We asked the stars and winners of the Britain's Brilliant Prodigies awards how you can reach the top in whatever you want.

How to be in a pop band

"You have to be really determined and keep training but above all you have to believe in yourself."
H, ex Steps band member

"I just dance as much as possible. I practice in my backyard and in my bedroom, I go to competitions, lessons and am a member of a dance team."
Jamie Greasley, 12, Best Young Modern Dancer

How to be the next Harry Potter

"Believe in your work, and in your character. Even when you take knocks along the way, just stick with it."
Martin Kemp, ex EastEnder actor

"Get yourself an agent and go for drama lessons. My drama teacher is great I have learnt so much but I never felt the need to go to stage school."
Tonatha Davis-Belgrave, 15, Best Young Actor winner

How to make it in music

"Work really hard, enjoy yourself and just do it. And just don't get any better than me!"
Sir Paul McCartney

"Practice is the key. I play between four and six hours a day but it doesn't seem like work because I enjoy it."
Nicola Benedetti, 14, Best Young Instrumentalist

How to run circles round Beckham

"The most important thing is to keep enjoying it. Try not to specialise too young. I saw a lot of my friends when I was younger loosing interest. I think you have just got to carry on enjoying it and look at the bigger picture - enjoying life."
Olympic rower James Cracknell

"Work hard all the time and be determined."
Olga Podobin, 15, Best Young Gymnast

How to be a politician

"People in this country generally just criticise kids and put them down, but kids can have their say. Like seven-year-old Marcus who stood up to his local council."
Campaigner, Heather McCartney

"I was very upset when I heard that the council wanted to close the small parks in my area so I went to the town hall and spoke to 56 council members for five minutes. I definitely want to be a politician when I grow up!"
Marcus Johns, 7, The Young Person Who Made a Difference

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