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  Daily Big Brother update: Week Six
Updated 05 July 2002, 19.41
Big Brother
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Day 43: 5 July

The girls are all very edgy about the eviction.

Adele's convinced that she's going to be booted out of the house on Friday night. She told Alex that she's worried what the public thinks of her.

A chat with Big Brother has left Kate really paranoid that she'll be the one to be shown the door.

And as for Jade... she's scared that she's the most hated person in London!

However Jonny is cool as a cucumber. He's been up for eviction so many times before that he doesn't seem that bothered at all.

Kate and Jade have been slapping on face packs to get themselves looking beautiful just in case they have to meet Davina.

The bars that divide the rich and poor housemates will be lifted this Saturday. None of them know it yet, nor do they know what they'll have to do to repay BB for the favour!

Day 42: 4 July

It's been a rather dull day in the BB house with all of them feeling a little fed up.

The puppet task doesn't seem to be cheering them up either. Alex is grumpy because he hates his puppets - he's made PJ and old mate Sandy, but he doesn't think they are very good.

And he's not happy that Jonny is playing him. He keeps hearing Jonny practice his accent and he reckons he's going to take the mick too much!

Meanwhile Adele and Alex have been gossiping about almost everyone - again!

In the garden this morning, they shared a moan about Jade's habit of talking in a silly baby voice and her constant questions to Alex.

There was lighter conversation later on though amongst the girls when they chatted about who they fancy, and who they miss on the outside.

Kate said she was missing "fit" Spencer - awww...

Adele was also feeling love/homesick. She said she would probably end up in tears come Friday night - knowing her loved-ones were outside.

Oh, and Tim's hair is looking more and more GINGER btw!

Day 41: 3 July

It's been raining most of the day outside the Big Brother house, so they have been making even more of a mess trying to perfect their puppets for Thursday's task.

But that hasn't stopped them moaning and getting bored.

PJ started the day off with a good old nag to Big Bruv about the temperature in the poor side's bedroom. It's either too hot or too cold with him and he even decided to kip outside the living room to get some sleep.

And the stuffiness seems to be affecting Jade and Adele. The once-matey pair have hardly said a word to each other. Jade has been trying to talk to the body-builder about her puppet, only to get one-syllable answers from snotty Adele.

Talking of puppets, Tim's not a happy chappy with his. Apparently its head is not hard enough.

And he reckons the whole task is no fun and it reminds him of a school project.

Meanwhile a chickpea diet seems to be getting to Alex. He let off a bit of wind - well, it was a right ripper to be honest - then completely denied it! Naughty boy...

Day 40: 2 July

There's been mixed reactions over the news that a whopping four housemates are up for eviction this week.

Adele thinks it's "quite exciting" and Jade told herself firmly that she "can't eat no more cos you're not going to fit into your dress!"

Meanwhile Kate squealed and Jonny went off on his own, probably to wonder why he's so unpopular...

He perked up again later and treated the 'mates to 'aerobics for little people.' He did something bizarre with a towel and a coat, put his shoes on his hands and started doing 'leg-ups'.

At least he had PJ and Jade in stitches!

Big Brother
Day 39: 1 July

Posh Tim passed his memory task which allowed him to pick one housemate to spend the evening with him on the lonely rich side. He chose Kate.

Tim had to remember all the other housemate's fave songs, fave jokes, fave holidays, first day at school memories, most embarrassing moments and proudest achievements. And he did it!

Adele is still gossiping about the other housemates. Jonny and Kate have now become her targets.

She seems upset by the fact that Kate and Alex kissed after a bonding session, when her and Alex have been getting close over the last few weeks. And she told Jade she reckons Jonny's 'sly' and she doesn't like him at all.

Jade's getting stressed about nominations and had to have a back massage from Alex to calm her down.

Big Brother
Day 38: 30 June

Jade seems to be becoming less popular in the house.

Adele and Alex are both getting more friendly with Kate, and are beginning to be much less nice about Jade - who seemed to be their best mate on the rich side.

Jade's boyfriend Danny has said that he is going to dump her. Danny told the Sunday People he was ashamed and humiliated as he watched Jade flirt with PJ.

Adele and Alex's growing friendship took another step during a game of spin the bottle.

They had a quick kiss during a game that also saw Jonny have to kiss Tim on the neck.

The only housemate on the rich side, Tim, had so much money he didn't know what to do with it, so spent 100 on a magazine to read!

Big Brother
Day 37: 29 June

The housemates on the rich side of the house had a food fight!

PJ, Jade and Alex threw flour, water and porridge oats around the bedroom and then threw milk and water at each other in the garden - Jade came off worst.

Jonny had trouble sleeping after the eviction on Friday night and Kate and Adele have decided that they fancy every man in the house!

Most of the housemates failed their task on Saturday night which means that the bars have stayed up and Tim is on his own on the rich side.

Kate should have been on the rich side too but she chose to gamble in order to try and get the bars taken down - unfortunately she failed.

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