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  He's blooming top again in Your Charts
Updated 21 June 2002, 18.20
Orlando Bloom
It's revenge time!

Orlando Bloom fans told Your Charts exactly what they thought of losing to Brian in last week's chart.

Thousands of votes were cast and in a close finish Orlando came out on top in your fave celeb chart.

But for the second time Spider-Man Tobey Maguire has spun out of control and drops off the chart this week.

Elsewhere in Your Charts Gareth Gates is still your favourite pop star - is there anyone who can beat him?

Not so good news for Will though, he obviously didn't light your fire this week so gets booted out.

Venus Williams
The Wimbledon Tennis Championships are upon us once again so it's not surprising that the current title holder Venus Williams has hit her way into your sports star chart.

While the Portuguese footballer Luis Figo has been sent off after a short stay in this chart.

That comedy duo Ant & Dec will be pleased to know you like their new show, Saturday Night Takeaway, as it's this week's new entry in your TV prog chart.

But is it more popular than The Simpsons - you know what to do if you think so!

And finally, clothes are definitely out of fashion in your fave thing chart, while all you lazy bones have voted sleeping as the new entry. zzzzzz

Don't forget to stay awake to find out what happens next week!

Do you want to make a difference to the charts? Click the categories top right and make your vote now!

Charts are updated every Friday.

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