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  Kids say Spider-Man rating is unfair
Updated 16 June 2002, 17.59
Young people have hit out at Spider-Man's 12 rating, saying it's unfair on all the kids who can't see it.

Film bosses decided to give Spider-Man a higher rating 'cos they said there's loads of violence in it, but this means lots of fans have been left disappointed.

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Craig, 13, from Whittlesey told CBBC Newsround Online: "I have seen Spider-Man and to be honest, 12 is waaay to strict. There is no swearing, the violence is clean, no blood or anything! Spider-Man is an idol to thousands of kids!"

The Green Goblin from Spider-Man
Scott, 14, from Cheltenham agreed: "I think it should not be a 12 because there is no bad language! Although there is mild comic book violence it should not be a 12, it should be a PG."


And Matthew, 11, from Bristol summed up the views of hundreds of under 12s when he told us: "I really want to see Spider-Man the movie but it is a 12 so I can't have a chance of seeing it."

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But some of you thought the rating was right.

Ria, 13, from Staines said: "I think it deserves a 12 as most young children who Spider-Man comics appeal to would be scared by some of the scenes."

'See sense'

A few local councils have used their powers to make the film a PG-12, which means children under 12 can go with an adult.

Lots of you, including Ernie, 11, from Enfield, agreed with this. "I do agree with it being rated a 12 because it would seem too violent for kids, but they should have made it a PG-12, because then if an eight year old saw it with a parent it's their fault."

And in our vote, nearly 40 per cent of you think Spider-Man should be a PG, but 34 per cent thought PG-12 was better.

But the final word goes to 10-year-old Lisa from Coventry, who had this to say: "I wish all cinemas would see sense and drop the 12-rating."

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