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  Attack of the Clones: our review!
Updated 05 May 2002, 13.21
Star Wars 2: Attack of the Clones is out in the UK on 16 May
By Mandy Bhandal
CBBC Newsround Online at Skywalker Ranch

Only about a hundred people have seen this film so far - and I am one of them.

I watched the film at the Skywalker Ranch in America - the place where much of it was put together.

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This is going to be the most talked about movie of the year, and rightly so!

It's set 10 years after Episode I: The Phamtom Menace. Anakin has grown into a Jedi junior. Obi Wan is his master and Queen Amidala has finished her reign on the throne to become a senior politician.

Anakin becomes an increasingly powerful Jedi during the film

The plot is about the decision makers of the universe splitting into good and evil, Anakin and Amidala falling in love and Anakin becoming a stronger but more angry Jedi knight.

After this movie there is only one more film left to complete the six-part Star Wars saga.

It helps to have seen the other films because it's useful linking all the plots together, but it's not completely necessary because you'll be blown away by this film anyway - I certainly was!

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Action packed

The visual effects are amazing - each scene looks like a future world beyond your imagination. The movie is action-packed. Lots of fancy light sabre moves, plenty of fast racing and hundreds of fearsome alien beasts.

The movie has some excellent fight scenes with light sabres

As for the soundtrack - it makes you jump out of your seat and sets the hair on the back of your neck tingling.

There are some funny and romantic moments, but Star Wars is a serious film about space fantasy, battles and heroes.

But it's worth watching because you walk away feeling like you've had the adventure of your life!

Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones is out in the UK on 16 May.

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