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  JK's got more money than Madonna
Updated 07 April 2002, 13.31
JK Rowling is raking in the cash
Harry Potter author JK Rowling has got more money than Madonna, according to list of Britain's richest people.

As fans wait for the fifth book in the Potter series, JK is counting the cash, and is now worth 226m, 26m more than Madonna.

The US music queen is at number 161 in the Sunday Times list of Britain's 1,000 richest people, 14 places behind the best selling kid's author.

Robbie and Becks tied for 962nd

Swing king Robbie Williams is also on the list, but way down at the bottom in 962nd with 35m, the same amount as Posh and Becks' family fortune.

The Duke of Westminster
The richest man in the UK
The Queen is at 125 with 275m, but that's loads less then the man in the top spot.

That's the Duke of Westminster, who has a mind boggling 4.7bn (4,700m) stashed in the bank, 300m more than he had last year.

Most of his fortune comes from houses and property he owns around the country, but especially a big chunk of land in one of the most expensive parts of London.

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