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  Britney: I'm comfortable with my sexy image
Updated 26 March 2002, 16.07
Britney Spears
Britney Spears spoke exclusively to Newsround about her new film, her plans for the future and her increasingly sexy image.

The 20-year-old's first film, Crossroads, is about a girl called Lucy who goes on a road trip across America with two friends to find her mother.

But the pop princess told Newsround's Lizo Mzimba that she didn't think she's like her character in the film.

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"Lucy's a perfectionist and to a certain extent I'm kinda like that, but honestly, I'm very forgetful and a little more carefree and not as naive as she is.

"What appealed to me about her is that she's very strong and knows what she wants. I can relate to that."

Britney Spears

The film deals with many grown-up issues such as sex which some may think unsuitable for the young audience, which the film is aimed at.

'They're not alone'

"The girls in the movie are about 16 or 17 and those are real issues that are going on," says Britney. "I think it's important for them to see that and feel like they're not alone."

In real life Britney has been criticised by people for recently creating a more grown-up and sexy image.

Britney Spears
She says it's not planned, but just how she has changed naturally:

"I think that when you grow as a person, you grow as an artist, it's inevitable that's gonna happen. I do feel comfortable in my skin. The body's a beautiful thing and it's all in the way that you carry yourself."

'I was trying to be sexy'

Britney has plans to do other films in the future, but has confirmed that she'll be appearing in Austin Powers 3.

She found it hard to act alongside comedian Mike Myers.

"I was trying to be sexy and do my thing and he was in character the whole time so it was really hard for me to play my part."

Britney Spears
Britney was booed

'It's very flattering'

Speaking on Monday she said she didn't realise how popular she was in the UK.

"I had no idea, when I came to the hotel and there was so many people, it's very flattering and it's very cool how the fans here embrace me, I feel very blessed, it's very sweet."

But at the Crossroads premiere in Leicester Square that night, she was booed for arriving an hour late and refusing to sign autographs.

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Britney Spears
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