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  What's on the Harry Potter DVD?
Updated 07 February 2002, 10.41
Diagon Alley
The two-disc Harry Potter DVD promises loads of interactive features for muggles.

Here's the full run-down of what you can expect.

What's on the DVD?

  • Enhanced, personalised tour in real-time of Hogwarts, including Hagrid's Hut, the Great Hall and Harry's room, which allows users to experience the magic of Hogwarts firsthand. Viewers can look in all directions as well as view a split screen of forward and reverse views simultaneously - at any moment they choose to do so.
  • Exclusive electronic trading cards that allow users to collect and trade online.
  • Magical Harry Potter game demonstrations that will put users in the spotlight as they allow players to take on the role of Harry and to navigate through Hogwarts. An additional game demonstration offers users an "activity centre" in which they can create their own version of Harry's world.
  • Personalised owl emails that will allow users to receive Harry Potter updates and information.
  • A sorting by the Sorting Hat that gives users the opportunity to be assigned to one of Hogwarts' houses. (Users who have previously been assigned to a house online will be notified if they attempt to be re-sorted using the DVD-ROM!)
  • Downloadable screensavers and remembralls.

DVD special features include:

  • A quest to locate new scenes completed specifically for home video release.
  • In-depth, interactive tour that allows you to experience Hogwarts as a first year student including the Great Hall, The Gryffindor Common Room.
  • Visits to Snape's, McGonagall's and Flitwick's classrooms which allow you to discover the "secret" at the heart of the DVD. Video biographies will allow you to become better acquainted with who's who at Hogwarts.
  • Interviews with producer David Heyman and director Christopher Columbus providing insights into Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
  • A visit to Diagon Alley that provides access to Gringott's Bank, Ollivanders Wands (fans can be "chosen" by a wand) and Eeylops Owl Emporium.
  • A lesson in Quidditch.
  • A game that allows you to catch a Snitch with your remotes.
  • An opportunity to cast a spell over Harry and his friends that will let you watch them perform a scene in eight different languages.
  • A visit to Hogwarts' library which allows you to open a screaming book, catch a clue to the Mirror of Erised, choose video bios of favourite characters and meet the ghosts of Hogwarts.

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