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  Amazing Lord of the Rings film facts
Updated 11 December 2001, 14.49

Check out these amazing Lord of the Rings film facts!

  • Filming took place in New Zealand.

  • Director Peter Jackson took 18 months to film all three adaptations of The Lord of the Rings. You can expect the second one to hit UK screens next December.

  • 1,600 pairs of rubber ears and feet were used.

  • 5,000 cubic metres of vegetables and flowers were grown a year before the filming started to make Hobbiton - the village where some of the Hobbits live.

  • 250 horses were used. 70 of these were specially trained, including five miniature horses used for the hobbits.

  • A lot of the sets were carved out of polystyrene, to make them look like wood which had aged over thousands of years.

  • 64 miniature sets were used to create places such as the Land of the Dwarves and Khazad-Dum.

  • The character Gollum was completely computer- generated.

  • Over 50,000 of coffee was drunk by the crew and cast during the 18 months of filming!

  • Nearly all nine actors of 'The Fellowship' had a tattoo done of the word 'Nine' in Elvish to mark the close bonds they built up during 18 months filming together - though none of them will allow photos taken of the tattoos! Dominic Monaghan (who plays Merry) confirmed this by secretly showing his tattoo to our team. He added that John Rhys-Davies chose not to. His stunt double Bret had one instead.

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