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  Exclusive interviews: Potter author and actors
Updated 01 November 2001, 12.08

Here are ALL the interviews we've done with the cast of Harry Potter, and its author JK Rowling.

Click on the titles to get all the goss

Check out what the Potter 3 stars had to say

The FULL transcript from Jeremy Paxman's interview with the author just before the release of OOTP

Rupert, aka Ron, tells us he's not looking forward to the Ron and Hermione romantic storyline.

The director reveals that the DVD will have about 18 minutes of extra footage.

Potter star Dan discusses Cho Chang and why he never reads reviews.

Emma chats to Lizo about the release of CoS.

CBBC Newsround Online went along to hear what the cast and crew of film 2 had to say

Lizo spoke exclusively to JK about how book five, the Order of the Phoenix is going, plus her reaction to her court case victory.

Lizo caught up with the young actor in November 2001 just before the first film was released.

The actress who brought Hermione to life chats to Lizo about what it was like getting such a sought-after part in a big movie.

Before the first movie was released Rupert spoke to Lizo about getting the part, doing stunts and suddenly becoming famous.

Tom Felton, Joshua Herdman & Jamie Waylett - Draco, Goyle & Crabbe

Lizo Mzimba boarded the Hogwarts Express to talk with JK Rowling in July 2000, just as Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire hit the shelves.

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