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  All about Adam S
Updated 11 June 2002, 18.58
Adam Smyth
When were you born?
28 April 1974

I'm the eldest. I have two brothers and one sister. They're all still studying but my brother, Alan, goes off to Japan for a year in August. I'm looking forward to visiting him.

I have loads. I like being out of doors - surfing, climbing, and walking. I'm a bit of a sports fan. In football, I support newly promoted West Bromwich Albion and in rugby I love going along to Ravenhill in Belfast to watch my beloved Ulster Rugby team. I also practice a Japanese martial art called aikido. It's complicated, but it's basically all about using an opponent's force against them. I'm a yellow belt so at this rate I'll be drawing my pension when I get my black.

Favourite colour
Blue - how original.

Favourite item of clothing
An ancient blue tee shirt with holes in it which says Gordon and Smith on the front. They make surfboards.

Who's you're favourite band?
Now that Steps have split up, I'd have to say Slipknot.

How would you spend your perfect Sunday afternoon?
With my folks around the dinner table enjoying my Mum's brilliant cooking.

Favourite animal
Dogs - we have one at home called Max.

What are you scared of?
Rats - can't stand them.

Who/what makes you laugh?
Off the wall gags. Paul Merton on Have I got News For You, Peter Sellers in the Pink Panther films, Spike Miligan and Monty Python. Recently I saw Meet The Parents which I thought was hilarious.

What other jobs have you had?
I was a radio reporter back in Belfast for BBC Northern Ireland. I've also been a trainee manager for Sainsbury's, a waiter and a chip fryer - used to come home smelling like a walking burger.

Favourite actor/actress?
A Hollywood legend - Jimmy Stewart

Favourite film?
The Godfather

Favourite food
I love a good curry - but I have to be in the mood.

Most embarrassing moment
I went on holiday to Wales recently with two of my mates and we went camping. We had a spot right in the middle of the campsite. We spent the whole afternoon struggling to get the tent canvas onto the frame. Eventually we realised my friend had brought the wrong poles. Everybody on the campsite was just staring at us as though we were insane. It was very funny but very embarrassing.

Favourite holiday destination
Biarritz on the South West Coast of France. It's got everything - great beaches, mountains and great food. For the weekend I love Donegal in the North West of Ireland. It's got everything Biarritz has, except it's about twenty degrees colder!

What's your biggest ambition?
To find my way to the Newsround studio without anyone else's help.

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