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  Why Newsround sometimes goes wrong
Updated 21 October 2003, 17.29
Ellie in the Newsround studio
Putting out a live news programme every day is high pressure and occasionally - just occasionally - Newsround goes a bit wrong.

Here Ellie explains what happens and how it's fixed.

On Monday 20th October Newsround went wrong. One of our tapes wasn't ready and I was left staring at the camera for what felt like a lifetime (but was actually only a few seconds) while the people behind the scenes frantically sorted it out!

It was a bit embarrassing, but it does show that the news is always live, and with live TV, things can and do go wrong!

If a story breaks really late in the day, we still want to get it on the show if we possibly can, so sometimes things are still being put together while we're actually on air!

And very, very rarely, reports just don't get there in time, but at least we try to bring you the story before anyone else.

Autocue nightmare

Another thing I dread happening is that my autocue breaks down.

I always read my words from a mirror in front of the camera - I don't memorise them!

So if that breaks, I then have to look at the scripts in my hand. It has happened to me once before at a previous job, and it always looks terrible.

But at least if you have back-up scripts on paper, you won't be left with nothing to say.

Technical snags

Sometimes you can't tell when things are going wrong, because they are technical problems that happen behind the scenes.

In my earpiece I can hear people frantically trying to sort things out, sometimes they are shouting over one another, but my job is always to stay calm and never give away that anything is wrong.

All news programmes can be hectic.

It is live TV and impossible to prepare too far in advance, or the 'news' wouldn't be 'new' anymore!

But we try and make sure things generally go as smoothly as possible, otherwise it makes me look like a bit of an idiot, and you guys must wonder what on earth is going on!

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