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  Worksheet: Money responsibility
Updated 28 February 2002, 13.34

Situation 1
You lend part of your pocket money to a friend. Your friend promises to pay you back tomorrow, but doesn't. It is a week later and you need the money. What should you do?

Situation 2
You lend money to a friend. Your friend repays you the borrowed money. A week later, the friend repays you a second time. What would you do?

Situation 3
You and your best friend go to the movies. Your friend wants to buy popcorn and doesn¿t have enough money. You have some extra money in you pocket. Describe what you would do and why.

Situation 4
You spend all of your lunch money on video games at the arcade on Tuesday afternoon. Now you don't have enough money for school lunches the rest of the week. How would you solve this problem?

Situation 5
Walking home from school, you find a wallet with £200 in it. The owner's details are in the wallet. What would you do?

Situation 6
You find a purse with £100 in it, but there are no details of the owner. What would you do?

Situation 7
You and your friend go to the movies. The price for children 10 and under is half price. You just had your 11th birthday. The ticket seller thinks you are under 10. What would you do?

Situation 8
You use the pay phone at school to call home. When you press the coin return, £7 in coins falls out in front of you. What would you do?

Situation 9
You put your pocket money in your coat pocket. That evening, you discover that the money is missing. You have lost it. What would you do?

Situation 10
Your mother asks you to go to the shop to buy two things she needs for supper. She gives you a £10 note. When you get home, what would you do with the change?

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