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  What is moral courage?
Updated 04 November 2004, 13.10
Awards presenter June Sarpong with award winners

PSHE 11-14/KS3/Levels E&F


    The Anne Frank Trust is asking children to nominate someone they know who has been morally brave.

    Students look at previous winners' profiles and discuss what it means to have moral courage.

Learning aims
  • The difference between courage and moral courage
  • Fighting bullying, racism and discrimination

Teaching ideas

1. Icebreaker
2. Warm up
    Show students these guidelines for judging moral courage:
  • making a distinction between right and wrong
    Anne Frank
  • upholding justice
  • recognising that something is wrong or unfair and opposing it
  • taking a stand against the general drift
  • acting according to values of right and wrong when dominant values decree otherwise (when most people think something different to you)
  • being brave enough to stand up to people who have more power than you
  • defending others who cannot defend themselves
  • considering and understanding the possible consequences and still making the choice to take the action
  • inspiring others to act for good
  • taking a leadership role
  • setting an example, serving as a role model

    Ask students: Looking at these criteria, what is the difference between courage and moral courage?

3. Main activity4. Extension activity
    Students choose someone they would nominate for the Anne Frank Awards for Moral Courage. It could be themselves, a friend or one of the four winners discussed during the lesson.

    To nominate someone you have to fill a form which reads: The reason I feel this person/group/community deserves this award is...

    Students write down what they would put on the form.

5. Plenary
    Each group feeds back to the rest of the class, outlining what their winner has done to show moral courage.

Teacher's background
    From the Anne Frank website. For more information, click on the right hand link.

    How to nominate someone

    You can download a nomination form from the Anne Frank website

    The deadline for nomination submissions is December 15, 2004

    Definitions of moral courage

    "Moral Courage is the confidence to show other people what you believe in."
    Jonathan, 12

    "Moral Courage is not being peer-pressured into what you know is wrong."
    Sarah-Louise, 17

    "Anne's diary relates to reality. Moral courage is standing up for what you believe in."
    Salma, 14

    History of the award

    The first Anne Frank Awards for Moral Courage took place on Tuesday 11th November at the London Hilton on Park Lane. The ceremony was hosted by June Sarpong, the popular MTV and T4 presenter. Over 250 people attended including Buddy Elias, Anne Frank's first cousin who had travelled from Switzerland especially to present an award.

    This year's winners will also be taken as a group to Amsterdam to see where Anne's inspirational diary was written.

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