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  Are school trips too risky?
Updated 29 September 2004, 15.17
Canoe trip

PSHE 11-14/KS3/Levels E&F
Risks of behaviour


    Lots of kids are missing out on exciting school trips because teachers are increasingly worried about accidents.

    How will students learn to analyse and manage risk? They devise a study trip.

Learning objectives / outcomes
  • How do we decide if a risk is worth it?

  • How can we learn to manage risk?
1. Introduction / Icebreaker
    Read out the story:

    When we decide if we will take a risk or not there are three things we consider.

    Rewards of success
    Probability of success
    Consequences of failure

    Students use these three criteria to analyse a risk or risks. Pick from the list, or better still identify local examples.
    (give % for probability)

  • Dodging a bus fare
  • Climb Mount Everest
  • Steal the crown jewels
  • Don't do your maths homework
  • Play the national lottery
  • Shoplift some sweets
2. Main activity
    Students produce a brochure/itinerary for a school trip. The purpose of the trip is to educate children about risk, the trip will be aimed at the year group below their own.

    The itinerary could contain;

  • Day 1 - Casino - learn about gambling
  • Day 2 - Prison - consequences of crime
  • Day 3 - Rock climbing - physical risk
  • Day 4 - Entrepreneur - rewards of risk
  • Day 5 - Young mum - risky underage sex
  • Day 6 - Addiction unit - risks of drug use
  • Day 7 - Burger bar - failing at school !

    For a short lesson the group could still make a brochure if they split into teams, one for each day. Illustrate with pictures from papers and mags.

3. Extension activity
    Write an open letter to the government arguing for funding to allow your trip to go ahead.
4. Plenary
    Do students think that school trips are under threat? What other risky activities could be under threat? What can students do to make leisure time safe and still fun?
5. Teachers' Background
  • Ofsted chief inspector, David Bell, said teachers had "nothing to fear" on trips if they follow the right guidelines.

  • The NASUWT advised teachers not to go on school trips because of possible legal action if things go wrong.

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Should you be allowed to  go on school trips? Should you be allowed to go on school trips?
opening quoteYeah I'd much rather we got out of the classroom to experience the real world. We shouldn't be wrapped in cotton wool!closing quote
Steve, 13, Darlington
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