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  Mobile phone safety quiz
Updated 31 January 2002, 18.12

How often is a mobile phone stolen in Britain?
  • A: Every hour
  • B: Every thirty minutes
  • C: Every three minutes
What is the name of your handset's unique registration number?
  • A: MEIA
  • B: IMEI
  • C: AMIE
Everyone should write down their handset's registration number, how can you find out what it is?
  • A: Dial the operator
  • B: Dial *#06#
  • C: Dial a #*06*
Thieves prefer the latest models, so what do the police advise you to do?
  • A: Don't upgrade
  • B: Upgrade to a cheap phone
  • C: Always get a silver phone so they don't know how old it is
Which of these will keep you phone safer?
  • A: Keep it fully charged
  • B: Clean and polish it
  • C: Customize it
When you are on the street what will make you less of a target for robbery?
  • A: Switch your phone to vibrate
  • B: Change your screen colour to green if possible
  • C: Keep your phone where you can answer it quickly
A stolen phone is less use to thieves if..?
  • A: The keypad is locked
  • B: The credits have run out
  • C: It has a yellow or orange clip on its face
Where is your phone safest?
  • A: Clipped securely to your belt
  • B: Hidden where it can't be seen
  • C: In your hand so you can hide it fast
When on the street with a mobile, what should you never do?
  • A: Walk and talk on the phone
  • B: Stop and wait for a bus
  • C: Go into a shop to take a call
You are threatened with violence by someone who is demanding your phone, what do the police advise you to do?
  • A: Say you don't have a phone
  • B: Refuse to hand it over
  • C: Hand it over, it's only a phone

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