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  Stopping smoking
Updated 21 June 2002, 14.22
Jessica Garlick

PSHE 11-14/KS3/Levels E&F
Alcohol, drugs and tobacco

Pop Idol finalist and Eurovision star Jessica Garlick has given her support to a new campaign to help kids stop smoking.

Discuss young peoples' attitudes towards smoking and tobacco advertising.

Learning aims

  • Critically evaluate young peoples' comments about tobacco advertising.

  • Learn some facts about smoking.
Read the story 'Jessica Garlick tells us 'smoking's not cool''.

  Click here to read the story

Ask the class:

What reasons do people give for smoking?

  • All their friends do
  • It helps them to relax
  • It gets them going in the morning
  • It gets them friends
  • They enjoy it
  • It helps them to cope
  • They have a right to smoke, it's a free world

Why do some people give up?

  • They don't want smelly clothes
  • They could do with the money to buy loads of other things
  • They want to stay healthy
  • They don't need it
  • They don't want their kids to do it
  • They don't want a smoking-related illness
  • It's not fair on others who have to breath in their smoke

Young people smoking

Main activity
Discussion: Ban cigarette adverts?

  • Cigarette advertising is already banned on television, and cigarette adverts must carry a health warning. But should cigarette adverts be banned completely?

  • What would be a reason for banning cigarette adverts?

  • What would be a reason for allowing cigarette advertising on television?

  • How do adverts affect you and the things that you buy?
Use these comments to start a discussion:

[A] "Banning advertising is purely a symbol to show something is being done - it is not even a step in the right direction. I think that peer pressure plays far more of a role than advertising does, and if we are to become a country that peers down our noses at smokers then we should ban advertising of anything that is unhealthy/unsafe, including fast food and driving."

[B] "I don't think people should ban cigarettes adverts as they bring much needed funding to the country."

[C] "I think that cigarette adverts should be banned because it makes people smoke and the population might decrease because of cancer."

[D] "Cigarette adverts should be strictly banned! The cigarette advertisements are an extremely bad influence to young kids! I think cigarette advertisements are stupid. The cigarette companies don't know the harm that their ads do to kids minds."

Extension activity
Print our quick quiz on smoking and challenge students to find the answers.

  Click here to try the quiz

Recap on the main teaching points and discuss which new things they have learned and things they may need to find out more about.

Teachers' Background

The law:

  • It is against the law to sell cigarettes to anyone under the age of 16 (but over 70% of young smokers report having no difficulty in buying cigarettes from local shops).

  • It is not against the law for under-16-year-olds to buy, possess or smoke cigarettes.

  • The advertising of tobacco products on television is banned (but many sports events such as Formula One motor racing and snooker clearly display cigarette brands).

  • Tobacco products must carry the general warning "Tobacco seriously damages health", and cigarette packets must carry a second warning on the back of the pack selected from a list of 15, such as "Smoking when pregnant harms your baby" and "Protect children: don't make them breathe your smoke".

The facts:

  • In Great Britain about 450 children start smoking every day.

  • Under-16-year-olds now spend about 135 million every year on cigarettes.

  • Some children as young as five are regular smokers.

  • In England in 1996, about 33% of girls and 28% of boys aged 15 were regular smokers.

  • About 17 million cigarettes are consumed every week in England by under-16-year-olds.

  • About 29% of adult smokers start regular smoking as 14 to 15-year-olds.

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