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  Informal writing 2
Updated 04 January 2002, 16.47
Richard Shields
Rewrite the euroboy's story in an informal style

Learning aims
  • The features of an informal text.

  • Rewrite a text in an informal style.
Read through with the class the story

Explain that the class will rewrite this so that it sounds as if they were explaining the story to a friend.

Point out that a chatty style will typically use:

  • apostrophes for contractions and omissions eg: they're really sorry an' that

  • exclamation marks eg: you'll never believe this!
A suggested chattier version is below:

Teenager makes 100 profit from the euro

A kid from Bedfordshire has got 100 quids worth of stuff for only a tenner, 'cos of the euro!

Richard Shields is 15 and blew his new cash at the local Debenhams - where they take euros.

Got their sums wrong

He went in with 15 euros (a tenner), but the shop took far less 'cos the computers had gone funny.

He sussed what was wrong, but the guys in the shop didn't have a clue, so Richard kept spending dosh 'til he ran out!

He ended up with:

  • Tommy Hilfiger perfume
  • A DVD
  • A hat
  • A leather diary
  • A flask
  • Tommy Hilfiger sports spray
Debenhams wised up and have it sorted now but Richard don't care!

"I realised that I was basically buying things for free, so I kept going out to the bank for more euros with the change I made, and buying more stuff."

Main activity
Children rewrite the story

in a chatty and informal style.

A suggested chattier version is below:

Rare leopard in eye op to save sight

Jessei being operated on

A really rare leopard has had a well risky operation to stop him going blind.

Jessei is nine and is an Amur leopard. He had to have it done to get rid of things called cataracts from both eyes.

Cloudy eyes

Cataracts are little bits that you get on the eye lens. They make things look cloudy.

When they get worse you can go blind, but they can be taken off with an easy operation.

Humans and animals get cataracts and this is the first time this stuff has been done on a massive cat.

If he'd missed out then Jessei might've been put down!

Dead rare

Jessei will go back home to Cotswold Wildlife Park that's in Burford, Oxfordshire where clever guys'll look after him.

He's a very rare animal. There's only 60 Amur leopards left in zoos.

Extension activity
Children apply an informal writing style to a news story of their choice.

Recap on style points of informal writing.

Children present their informal versions for comparison with the formal approaches.

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