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  Informal writing 1
Updated 08 May 2002, 10.12
Rewrite text about the boy car thief in an informal style

Learning aims
  • The features of an informal text.

  • Rewrite a text in an informal style.
Read through with the class the story

Explain that the class will rewrite this so that it sounds as if they were explaining the story to a friend.

Point out that a chatty style will typically use:

  • apostrophes for contractions and omissions eg: they're really sorry an' that

  • exclamation marks eg: you'll never believe this!
A suggested chattier version is below:

11-year-old car thief punished

An 11-year-old kid monickered as Britain's worst car thief has been dished out a three year supervision order!

The kid, nicknamed the "one-boy crimewave", said he did more than 20 car crimes, but the police reckon he did loads more.

He's been to court 155 times!

If he was just three days older and had been 12, he would have been chucked in the slammer!

Though we're not allowed to say who he is he's clogged up the papers with his stealin'.

Too titchy to reach pedals

He's even been done floorin' a van at 70mph, and could only reach the pedals by perching on a headrest.

Every year over three hundred thousand motors are pinched. Many of them are nicked by kids - not old enough to have a licence and too young to be banged up.

Main activity
Children rewrite the story

in a chatty and informal style.

A suggested chattier version is below:

Smacking won't be allowed in schools

Mr Williamson with his daughter
Mr Williamson with his daughter

A new try to let smacking into British schools hasn't worked!

A Christian school in Liverpool wanted schools to be able to smack naughty kids with their parents' say-so.

But on Thursday a judge threw it out of a high court.

God says?

After this had gone down the head, Phil Williamson, said that God gave parents the power to smack their kids if they wanted.

Two mums whose kids went to his school said kids didn't know when they'd done a wrong 'un, and had to be punished "in the form of a smack".


But someone from the NSPCC said that they thought smacking was cruel.

In November the government said the laws letting parents to smack their children at home would still be there.

Extension activity
Children apply an informal writing style to a news story of their choice.

Recap on style points of informal writing.

Children present their informal versions for comparison with the formal approaches.

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