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  Is Radio 1 British enough?
Updated 08 July 2003, 15.38
Radio One studio
The boss of a big record label says Radio 1 needs to play more tunes from UK artists.

The chairman of Telstar says the station plays half as many UK tunes as it did five years ago.

Look at how British the UK's youth culture really is.

Learning aims

  • What is meant by globalisation
  • Why this process is occurring
  • Good and bad effects on societies
Craig David
Craig David

Read the story Radio 1 defends not playing enough UK tunes .

Ask the class:

  • What are the benefits of having a mix of musical cultures in a country?

  • Do countries lose a sense of identity when other cultures are added?

  • Can you think of other examples of global products apart from music?

How British is British youth culture?
Students write down their favourite five, for the following categories.

  • music groups
  • TV shows
  • movies
  • clothing labels
  • fast foods
When the lists are all complete, students swap papers and mark next to each entry either:

    B - for British


    I - for import

Students can use their results to answer the question "How British is British youth culture?"

Main activity

What is the globalisation of youth culture?
TV, radio and the internet make it possible for young people all over the world to enjoy the same images, sounds and ideas. Often they prefer something from the other side of the world to something local. Youth culture is becoming globalised.

Winners and losers
What do the following people think about a global entertainment industry:

  • British film makers
  • British film goers
  • Fatboy Slim
  • a new British band
  • BBC Television
  • a small TV programme maker
  • an old person who doesn't like foreigners
  • schoolchildren

The big get bigger
A global market means more chances to make money, but also more competition. There are winners and losers in all areas of society but normally bigger players continue to grow and newer and smaller companies and artists struggle - because they do not have the money to advertise themselves globally.

What will globalisation do to British society?
What changes might occur and how would older people feel about the changes?

Extension activity
Prepare a poster or brochure to promote British youth culture. This can include books eg Harry Potter, films eg Johhny English, music and television etc.

Why do people find change threatening?
Can globalisation be stopped?

Teachers' Background

  • Sean O'Brien, chairman of record company Telstar, said the UK's share of airplay had halved in the last five years, and that a quota system could be needed to keep the level up.

  • The station has pledged that 35% of its playlist will be made up of UK artists. It said almost 50% of current playlisted output comes from the UK.

  • Five major labels: Universal, Warner, Sony, BMG and EMI, together account for 75% of world music sales

  • A Madonna concert - a free event online - has entered the record books as the biggest of its kind, with nearly 10 million people logging on to see it around the world.

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