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  The Cricket World Cup
Updated 04 February 2003, 15.18
Nasser Hussain signs autographs

Citizenship 11-14/KS3/Levels E&F
Globalisation - political implications

England's World Cup cricket match against Zimbabwe will not be moved to another country.

Students debate the issues involved when politics influence the cricket World Cup.

Learning aims

  • Case studies of politics influencing the cricket World Cup

  • Debate the issue of politics and sport

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe
Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe
Main activity
Organise a whole-class discussion using our guide

The student acting as the chair opens the meeting by reading out the story

The student acting as proposer then reads out the motion:

"This house believes that politics should be kept out of the cricket World Cup."

Notes for the main speeches can by clicking the links on the right.

Recap on the main teaching points and the chair announces the outcome of the vote.

Teachers' Background

  • England are supposed to play in Zimbabwe on 13 February during the cricket World Cup.

  • Most of the games in the World Cup are being played in South Africa, but six are being played in Zimbabwe and two in Kenya.

  • Lots of people think they shouldn't play that game because there are big problems in Zimbabwe and it would be wrong to play cricket there.

Why don't the cricketers just refuse to play?

The main reasons are:

  • Financial - England's cricket bosses would have to pay compensation if the game was called off. The Zimbabwe team might also refuse to play their games in England later this year, costing loads of money in ticket refunds.

  • Cricketing - If England didn't play they will be unable to get any points from the match, a match they would expect to win. That would make it much harder to qualify for the next round.

  • Cricket bosses also don't see why they should be stopped from playing while lots of English businesses are still allowed to trade in Zimbabwe.

For all links and resources click at top right.

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