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  Iraq briefing
Updated 10 September 2002, 15.21
Soldier in Operation Desert Storm

Citizenship 11-14/KS3/Levels E&F
Conflict resolution

Research history of, and recent events in, Iraq.

Produce briefing document for a journalist who is set to report on Iraq.

Learning aims

  • Case study of a conflict scenario and the Gulf War as an example of armed UN intervention

  • Use imagination to express and explain views
Map of Iraq


Display a map of the area surrounding Iraq.

Ask the class for what they already know about this area.

Quick quiz on Iraq.
Correct answers are in bold

[1] What is the capital of Iraq?

  • A: Bahrain
  • B: Baghdad
  • C: Badrahad

    [2] When was the last war with Iraq?

  • A: 1991
  • B: 1981
  • C: 1971

    [3] Why did the last war start?

  • A: Saddam invaded Qatar
  • B: Saddam invaded Kuwait
  • C: Saddam Invaded Yemen

    [4] Where does most of the oil that Iraq produces end up?

  • A: USA
  • B: Jordan
  • C: France

    [5] What sort of leader is Saddam?

  • A: Democrat
  • B: Dictator
  • C: Diplomat

    [6] The last war with Iraq was backed by the:

  • A: United Nations
  • B: United States
  • C: United Kingdom
  • D: All of the above

    [7] Saddam has been running Iraq since:

  • A: 1969
  • B: 1979
  • C: 1989

    [8] In 1980 Iraq invaded its neighbour Iran. The war went on for eight years, how many people died?

  • A: 400,000
  • B: 100,000
  • C: 40,000

    [9] In 1988 Saddam bombed his Kurdish enemies in the Iraqi city of Halabja. What did he use?

  • A: Nerve gas
  • B: Mustard gas
  • C: Both

    [10] Which country supplied weapons or military equipment to Saddam during his war against Iraq?

  • A: UK
  • B: USA
  • C: France
  • D: All three

    Main activity
    Print off the guide to Iraq and a selection of stories from the top right.

    Students prepare a briefing for a journalist due to start reporting from Iraq.

    Their briefings should contain:

    • A clear summary of the present situation

    • A brief history of relations between the countries involved

    • Why Iraq matters to the UK

    • A list of the key dates - perhaps as a timeline

    • A list of the main politicians involved
    Extension activity
    Produce a leaflet that is addressed to the population of one of the countries involved.

    The aims of the leaflet are:

    • To calm the situation

    • To point out the possible dangers and consequences

    • To offer ideas on sorting out the problems

    Recap on the main learning aims and discuss the issues involved when trying to understand other people's experiences.

    Teachers' Background

    • The US and Britain are patrolling two so-called "no-fly zones" over northern and southern Iraq.

    • President Bush named Iraq as part of an "axis of evil" together with North Korea and Iran.

    • Saddam Hussein came to prominence in 1959 when he tried to assassinate the president, and came to power in 1979 after leading an internal coup. He eliminated opponents by having them shot.

    • For the past 12 years, the country has been struggling under UN-imposed sanctions.

    • In a population of 23 million, many are desperately poor and at least half of the adult males are unemployed.

    For all links and resources click at top right.

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