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  Why would Becks leave United?
Updated 10 June 2003, 16.40
David Beckham
Most clubs would be desperate to have the England captain playing for them, yet Manchester United seem very keen to sell David Beckham.

So why are they doing it?

Why United should sell him:

David Beckham is 28 years old, and has two years left on his contract. If that contract runs out without him signing a new one, Becks could join another club and United would get no money for him.

So to accept lots of money for him now actually makes a lot of sense.

It would also give United lots of money to spend on new players, with a new goalkeeper, defender and striker all rumoured to be on Sir Alex Ferguson's shopping list.

Beckham earns around 90,000 a week, roughly 4.5m a year. If he leaves it would save the club a lot of money.

Becks is getting so famous now that he's in the papers almost every day. There is a feeling that his fame is now becoming more important than his football ability.

United manager Sir Alex is known not to be a fan of this kind of celebrity, and would prefer newspapers to be writing about United for what happens on the pitch.

Without Becks, this is much more likely.

Beckham's fame may also cause problems with other United players, who may wonder why he's getting all the headlines even if they're playing better.

Football reasons
United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has been rumoured to be thinking of changing a lot of United's players as they get older, to bring younger names in.

Beckham leaving would also help Sir Alex change the way United play, perhaps giving them a better chance of winning the Champions League.

Beckham, if he leaves, will learn loads about playing a different style of football, something which could help England.

So if he leaves, where should he go?

Barcelona Not in the Champions League, so United won't play them next season in Europe. They may not even be in Europe at all. But Beckham will be a huge star if he goes there, perhaps the biggest player at the club.

Real Madrid - Despite their failures this year, Real are generally thought of as the best club in the world. Beckham would be playing alongside some of the best players in the world, although he may not play as often.

AC Milan - The champions of Europe, and a massive club in Italy. Beckham would be a huge star in Milan, and wife Victoria would enjoy the shops there. The pace of the game in Italy is also quite slow, suiting Beck's style of football.


David Beckham is a huge name globally, and United sell lots of shirts and products with his name on.

They signed him as a 14 year old, so he cost the club no money. To sign a replacement player just as good would cost the club millions.

Football reasons
David Beckham is an excellent footballer, and probably the best crosser of a ball and free-kick taker in the world.

He is also a Manchester United fan, and United fans like the fact that he never stops running, even if he is having a bad game.

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