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  Virus warning for fans of Potter
Updated 03 June 2004, 20.59
Watch out Harry Potter viruses
Potter fans are being warned to look out for computer viruses that are pretending to be cool Potter stuff.

A virus called the Netsky.P worm was around earlier in the year is causing problems again, disguising itself as a Potter game, say anti-virus experts.

The virus, which first appeared towards the end of March, spreads by e-mail and via file-sharing services.

It is passed on when PC users open an e-mail attachment, so you need to be extra careful when using computers.

Fact File
Some e-mail attachments to look out for
Harry Potter 1-6 book.txt.exe
Harry Potter 5.mpg.exe
Harry Potter all
Harry Potter e book.doc.exe
Harry Potter game.exe
Harry Potter.doc.exe
According to anti-virus firm Sophos, Netsky.P was the second most common virus in May, beaten only by the very bad Sasser worm.

Sophos said they have spotted thousands of versions of the virus in the last few days.

The people who write viruses often use the names of cool celebs to try and convince people to open their creations.

Making the virus look like a Potter game is bad as the virus writers are hoping to take advantage of children using computers.

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