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  'SpaceShipOne was an amazing sight'
Updated 04 October 2004, 22.54

SpaceShipOne has become the first private ship to go into space twice in two weeks, winning the X-Prize.

Newsround's Laura was there to see it all happen in the Mojave Desert in California.

"As we arrived at four in the morning in the pitch black of the Mojave Desert, it was difficult to imagine the day ahead.

We met Richard Branson

We grabbed some breakfast at a diner, and bumped into Richard Branson!

He said he was really glad Newsround was interested, and at sunrise, took us to see SpaceShipOne in its hangar.

As it wheeled out and the first rays of sunlight hit, it was an amazing sight.

Richard Branson was there to watch
One hour later, under clear blue skies, it took off, thundering down the runway before shooting straight up into the air.

It was up for an hour and a half, and in that time, tens of thousands of people arrived to see it for themselves.

There were loads of kids, carrying toy space ships, looking up to the sky, dreaming that they might be the next people up there.

As it came into view 80 minutes after it had taken off, everyone started clapping.

As it glided back to Earth with two planes accompanying it, you couldn't hear yourself think for the cheering.

Speaking on the runway, the team said it had been an historic day, the start of making the dream of travelling into space a reality for everyone."

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