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  Future of gaming in the spotlight
Updated 13 May 2004, 11.51
The Sims 2 will be a huge seller
By Neil McGreevy
CBBC Newsround Online

E3, the videogame industry's annual showstopper, kicked off in style this week in Los Angeles, with the biggest names making incredible announcements that could change the way we play games.

First up was Microsoft, and while there was no mention of Xbox 2, they announced new features for its online service, including video chat and downloadable arcade classics.

Amazing new handhelds

They wheeled out celebrities like boxing legend Muhammad Ali to promote their new games, but it was Nintendo and Sony who dropped gamers' jaws with their amazing new handheld consoles, the Game Boy Dual Screen (DS) and the PlayStation Portable (PSP).

The new Nintendo Dual Screen (DS)
The new Nintendo Dual Screen (DS)
Nintendo's new baby features two screens and boasts 3D graphics that puts old console the N64 to shame.

Touch-screen technology allows gamers to get touchy-feely with their games, with many new titles requiring players to tap or stroke their console, while wireless gaming, online chat and voice recognition will make the Game Boy DS the must-have pocket accessory when it is released here next spring.

Games for the DS include a 3D Metroid title and an all-new Mario game.

Link-up without wires

Competing with Nintendo is Sony's tiny tot, the PSP. Like the DS, this offers wireless multiplayer gaming and high-quality graphics that look as good, if not better, than what the PlayStation 2 can churn out.

The machine will also offer movies, music and video and can connect to its bigger brother.

There are loads of games to play at E3
There are loads of games to play at E3
Games are stored on tiny discs and Sony promises one battery charge will give ten hours of juice for gaming on the go.

As for software, there's a huge selection of popular series in development, including Ape Escape, Spider-Man, FIFA and Tony Hawk.

With the PSP and the Game Boy DS, it looks like the console war is being dragged from under the telly to gamers' pockets, and while Nintendo has ruled the handheld market with the Game Boy for 15 years, Sony hope they can repeat the success of the PlayStation with the PSP.

But it wasn't all handheld games at E3 - and later in the week Newsround will focus on the best new games on show for Xbox, PlayStation 2 and Gamecube.

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