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  News on the new Sims 2 game
Updated 11 September 2004, 10.06
Adam and Will Wright
Sims 1 made gaming history, selling a massive 28 million copies.

Next week a new version of the game - Sims 2 comes out.

NR's Adam went to meet the game's creator, Will Wright to find out more about the new game.

You can catch Adam's report on Newsround Showbiz on Sunday 12 September.

Sims 1 was a huge hit. How do you top it?

We decided to make another really good game. What we wanted was for people who'd played Sims 1 and really enjoyed it to come to Sims 2 and feel right at home so they'd understand how to play, but you can go a lot further with it in so many different directions.

It looks really different. What are the new elements to it?

We used a new 3D graphics engine so you can bring the camera in very close and see facial expressions, very smooth body language. At every stage they can have very different behaviour.

What can you do with your Sims?

Still from Sims 2
You can pick your character's hair colour

You can create their entire face, body, outfit, wardrobe. Give them a personality, and an aspiration that you couldn't do before.

All this changes the way you play that Sim.

They have memories. They feel more alive. They have a bigger brain and they can gossip!

Where did the idea come from in the first place?

A lot of it came from a game I did a long time ago about ants. The people in the game were dumber than the ants and it got me wondering if there was a different way we could programme people that will make them smarter and that started the idea rolling.

There was a rumour that your house burnt down and that inspired you?

Adam and Will Wright
Adam gets some game tips from the creator

It's true, it was right after I made the ant game. The house and everything in it burnt down. We had to buy a house, everything, underwear, toothbrush, car.

It was interesting to get a sense of things I needed. I looked around my house and thought everything I bought for some reason, why did I buy that? Does it make me more comfortable, does it help feed me? So it got me thinking.

How much input did you have from fans of the Sims when you were developing the new game?

Huge amounts. We're always going out to fan sites reading message boards. From the extension packs we learnt a lot about what the fans liked and didn't like.

What little details should people look out for?

When they are playing chess they are actually playing a real game of chess and it depends on their skill level and stuff.

You can zoom in so close. When they are watching television and watch what they're watching. They have little shows with commercials and everything.

How many people did it take to make the game?

The first Sims we did with about 25 people this version took more like 140 people.

Where do you see the game going in the future?

A lot of people enjoy telling a story through the game. At some point it will be like you've made a movie after you've played the game.

There's been a lot of stories about hackers stealing games was it a problem?

We had to think about it a lot especially after the half life code, but we had a lot of security around the code. So far it's worked but you never know.

Does the rosebud cheat work for Sims2?

Not that one no. But we do have some new ones though!

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