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  Order your school dinner with your eye!
Updated 09 July 2003, 11.17
Eye scanner at Venerable Bede Church of England Aided School
Getting your lunch by scanning your eye sounds like sci-fi but it's happening at a Sunderland school.

The hi-tech Venerable Bede Church of England Aided School have introduced an iris scanner so pupils don't have to bring money to school.

Eye scanners are being tested as a way of identifying people in airports already, but it's the first time they have been tested in a UK school.

Less bullying

Fact File
Eye facts
The iris is the coloured ring around the pupil
No two irises are the same
Less coloured pigment makes the eyes blue; more makes them brown
Opticians test your vision with a Snellen eye chart
The scanner will secretly know which pupils get free meals and who has to pay.

Eleven-year-old Laura tested it and told CBBC Newsround's website:

"It's really good - you won't get bullied because people won't know who gets free meals."

And Jennifer, 12, said: "It's not at all scary, it's like looking into a mirror.

"It's a lot faster that using money so you can sit down quicker with your friends at lunchtime," she added.


The iris in your eye is as unique as your fingerprints which is why it's a good way to identify people.

You look into a camera for a few seconds while a video image is taken and then checked with the school database of pupil records.

And it's all perfectly safe.

Kids will also be scanned in the library when they want to take out books.

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