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  Young Sikhs force changes to Hitman 2
Updated 21 November 2002, 17.36
A scene from Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
A gaming company has agreed to remove scenes from the game Hitman 2: Silent Assassin after Sikhs complained it was racist and offensive.

One of the game's levels is set in a temple. Players are asked to shoot the men in turbans because they are terrorists.


The Golden Temple
Sikhs say the scene looks exactly like the inside of the Golden Temple in Amritsar in India.

In 1984, hundreds of Sikhs were massacred there, when Indian troops stormed the temple. The Indian government claimed it was being used to plan military activities.

Harpreet, 15, from Birmingham, has seen the game. He told CBBC's Newsround why he found the game offensive.

Harpreet, 15
Harpreet, 15
"This game refers to terrorists in a Gurdwara [place where Sikhs go to pray].

"This is disgraceful, because people may think that terrorists wear turbans but they don't," he said.

Changes made

Many people also think that using a holy place for a game is disrespectful.

A scene from Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
A scene from the game
The makers, Eidos, have now agreed to change the next edition of the game, remove pictures of the scenes from their website and take steps to correct the game where they can.

They have also apologised to the Sikh community saying they didn't mean to cause offence.

Do you think the makers should withdraw the game completely?

"What would the Christian, Muslim or Jewish people say if one of their holiest sites was depicted as a terrorist hideout. Imagine the Vatican, Wailing Wall or the Great Mosque in Mecca. This sort of thing should not be tolerated. it's called inciting religious hatred between people of different faiths, that's what it is."
Halima, 14, Newcastle upon Tyne

"If anyone has actually played this game or the first version, they will know that you kill Chinese, Columbian, Dutch, German, not just Sikhs. The game is not racially biased at all and if I remember rightly the game has an 18 certificate and explicit warning labels."
Paul, 15, Brighton

"To be honest, it is just a computer game if you don't like it, don't play it. If you never play or see it, it will never affect you"
Michael, 15, Worthing

"I think it's wrong to force makers of the game to change it! I am Russian and I didn't feel offended when I had to climb an Orthodox Church just to shoot a Russian general. The game itself represents Russians as terrorists, so what, that's what makes the game realistic. You can't expect to go to India in the game and see Americans or Russians there. Just because Sikhs feel offended doesn't mean that the game should be banned or redeveloped."

Oleg, 16, London

"this is truly an offensive game. If this game is not removed who knows were else other scenes could be set in a possible "Hitman 3" next it could be Mecca or Church or a Synagogue or a Mandir."

Sandeep, 13, Leicester

"I think that it is disgraceful! Even though I am not a Sikh."
Scott, 13, Ipswich

"It's just a game - its not real. People shouldn't be so easily offended by a computer game."
Ben, 14, London

"I am absolutely appalled after hearing about this game. They should stop selling it immediately! How dare EIDOS imply that we Sikhs are terrorists!"
Rupinder, 14, Birmingham

"It's called freedom of speech!"
Vicky, 16, Los Angeles

"I think it is wrong that the makers of the game should change the game just because it offends one group of people. Have there been any complaints from Japanese, Russian or Italian people? I have played the game myself, and instead of encouraging you to kill people, it rewards you for not being violent and for finding a peaceful way to carry out your mission, which is to rescue your friend."
Nathan Poole, 13, Bangor

"I'm not a Sikh but I still think the makers of Hitman 2 were wrong to direct thoughts that the Sikhs in the temple were terrorists. The events of 11 September were awful, but to start saying that any people supposed to be terrorists should be killed like they are in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, would be stooping to the suicide bombers' levels."
Laura, 15, Lordswood

"The game seems to label Sikhs as terrorists, which is not true!"
Gurpreet, 14, Surrey, BC Canada

"I think that it is a disgrace that these kind of things are allowed to happen. Gurdwara isn't a place that is seen as violent, or a fighting ground, but is seen as a place where people can find peace and protection from the outside world. Eidos is trying to create wrong impressions to the public in general about what a temple really is. As I come from a religious background, I definitely feel that saying sorry to the Sikhs public isn't good enough."
Gaganpreet, 17, Bradford

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