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  It's CBBC Newsround Online's first birthday!
Updated 22 October 2002, 15.05
It's CBBC Newsround Online's first birthday
It's our first birthday!

The new-look CBBC Newsround website went live exactly 12 months ago, as the world's only online daily news service for children.

And what a year it's been.

We've covered every kind of story imaginable for you, from Paul leaving S Club and the girl with the world's longest tongue to the war in Afghanistan and the World Cup.

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Pop Idol star Gareth Gates became a huge star
And the showbiz world has been particularly busy. Some of the stuff that's happened has included:

  • Hear'Say splitting up
  • Steps splitting up
  • Daniel Radcliffe and co becoming massive stars after the first Harry Potter film was released
  • Gareth Gates and Will Young going to number one

Your reports

We update the site every hour of every day, publishing more than 10 new stories every single day, plus all the votes, quizzes and picture galleries.

But we're not the only ones doing the writing.

You've reported on loads of cool events around the country for us in our daily Press Pack reports.

You've been everywhere from the first night of the Pop Idol tour to the last night of the musical Cats, and from the countryside march to the United Nations Children's Summit in New York.

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Our Harry Potter messageboard is very successful
And thanks to you lot who love chatting, our messageboards quickly became the most popular in the whole of the BBC.

The Harry Potter messageboard is particularly popular, partly thanks to the occasional posting from Rupert Grint himself.

All in all, you've helped make us one of the most popular children's websites in the UK.

More than one million of our pages are read by you each week - something most other sites would die for.

Thanks guys!

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