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  Xbox Live: Is it any good?
Updated 26 September 2002, 11.35
Online racing is loads better on Xbox
By Neil Doughty
CBBC Newsround Online at X02 in Spain

If you're playing a game and doing badly your mates quite often take a break from the action for a moment to give you some stick.

At the moment that mate is sat next to you, but with Xbox Live they can be in another part of town, another town in the same country, or even far away in another country.

The Live system is Xbox's way of allowing gamers to play online, and it has a special headset communicator that lets you talk to other people playing the game - wherever they are.

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And at first glance it's great.

CBBC Newsround Online had a little go at X02 playing Moto GP, which is one of the games to be bundled with the Xbox Live package that goes on sale in March 2003.

Fact File
How Xbox Live will be safe for you
You need a credit card to register with Xbox Live
You have one name for all games, making it easy to track down people who don't behave
A parental lock can be put on the headset to stop kids using it
It's pretty frustrating when you hear a gamer in America whoop with excitement as they overtake you, and because everyone else in the game gets a on-screen message when you crash, the stick keeps coming.

But you can get your own back when you start doing well, letting everyone else know as you fly past - not that novice gamers like your man from CBBC Newsround Online managed much overtaking!

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The biggest problem about Xbox Live is that you can only play it on a broadband connection, and at the moment not many UK homes have one of those.

It will also cost money to play, with the launch pack containing a communicator headset, two games and a 12-month subscription to Xbox Live priced at about 40.

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