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  What makes a great footie computer game?
Updated 30 August 2002, 11.46
TIF 2003
TIF 2003: due out autumn 2002

Jo Twist at the PlayStation Experience
CBBC Newsround Online

Some would say Tony Racine has the dream job. He is the producer of This Is Football 2003 (TIF 2003) and is in charge of what goes into the game.

Tony Racine, Producer of TIF 2003
Tony Racine, Producer of TIF 2003

There are loads of footie games around, but one big difference with TIF 2003 is it's developed only for PlayStation, Tony told CBBC Newsround Online.

That means they can do more exciting things: "The players' and refs' faces are much more realistic - we can actually put much more expression into them now becasue we concentrate on one bit of hardware."

Making better footie games

TIF 2003
TIF 2003: players are more realistic

But spending all day thinking up new computer games and finding ways to make the next version better can be hard!

Tony thinks good games are down to the little differences and attention to detail that developers put in.

Making a player like David Beckham actually look like Becks makes a big difference.

Even being able to see the detail in the crowds, and to see them move when a player is taking a throw in or a penalty makes a more realistic footie game.

People might not notice these little things straight away. But they certainly would if they weren't there, Tony reckons.

Future of gaming

There are loads of new games coming out all the time. But Tony reckons the biggest thing in the next couple of years will be online gaming.

Once internet connections get better, gamers will be able to play much more with others and share their information.

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To Tony, that's big news for football games.

"If you had Tony's Top 22 squad, for example, I could make my own players and upload them to a server or send them to my friends to download onto a memory card."

More artificial intelligence will mean you'll be able to play a game in your own style.

PlayStation 2
PlayStation 2

"Football games will be able to learn your style of play in attack and defence.

"So when you save the team to send to your friends, it will be more like playing as if you were there even though you are not!"

So loads for gamers to look forward to - but no news about the PlayStation 3 console yet: "It's a bigger mystery to us as it is to anybody!" says Tony.

We'll make sure we keep you updated though! Happy gaming.

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