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  What the gamers thought of the new titles
Updated 30 August 2002, 11.54
PlayStation Experience
Computer gamers flocked to the PlayStation Experience to check out the top upcoming games for 2003.

Generally, gamers were pleased with the LOTR game, Tomb Raider and Pro Evolution Soccer.

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The one everyone wanted to try was Getaway, a shoot-em-up driving game based in London. Sadly, it has an 18 certificate, so loads of gamers missed out!

Here are a few tasters of what other titles had the gamers' thumbs moving!

This Is Football 2003 (TIF 2003) - due November 2002

TIF 2003
TIF 2003

William, 15 says:
It's really good - better then the other footie games around. It's not as easy as them!

The players look like the real players and it's far more exciting and fun than others. And you can do deliberate fouls! 9/10

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WRC Arcade - due November 2002

WRC Arcade
WRC Arcade

Jon, 14, says:
The graphics are not as good becasue it's a PSOne game. But it is one of the best rally games I have played.

Driving handling is really good. I use analogue keypads becasue you have more control than with a D-pad. Overall really good! 8/10

Ninja Assault - due October 2002

Ninja Assault
Ninja Assault

Rod, 15 says:
The graphics are good, but you have to reload quite a bit. It has a good speed and you need quick reflexes. 7/10

Matt, 15 says:
It's better than some of the other shooting games. It's quite fun and you can choose your challenge level, so anyone can play it. 8/10

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings - due November 2002

Anthony tries out Lord of the Rings
Anthony tries out Lord of the Rings

Anthony, 13, says:

It's pretty good. It's free roaming which means you can run around anywhere. If you play Aragon you have special moves like slashing.

You have to kill all the Orcs and knock them off the embattlements. You have a sword, gun and kicks. It'll be a big hit I think and it's quite similar to the film. 8/10

Tekken 4 - due September 2002

Tekken 4
Tekken 4

Michael, 15 says:
The scenery's really good and the moves are too. But the last one had more characters. There aren't really new ones in this.

More characters and faster movements would make it better. 8/10

Hardware Online Arena - due 2003

Hardware Online Arena
Hardware Online Arena

Thai, 12, says:
It's quite good seeing as it's nowhere near being finished! Everyone plays with everyone else because it's online - you are not just playing against a computer which is good.

You have to go around shooting everything in a tank and jeeps. It's really cool. 7/10

Pro Evolution Soccer 2 - due November 2002

Pro Evolution Soccer 2
Pro Evolution Soccer 2

Jake, 12 says:
It's very very good. It's really realistic and definitely better than other football games. I'll be buying it. It could do with a few more replays and the ability to save more though. 9.5/10

Ben, 14, says:
It's just brilliant. It will definitely be one of the biggest games of the year. It's got so much realism and atmosphere. The gameplay is brilliant. 9.5/10

Space Channel 5: Part II - due February 2003

Space Channel 5: Part II
Space Channel 5: Part II

Laura, 10, says:
It's really good. I played the first one a lot but the graphics are better on this one.

You have to copy the moves of the dancer and shoot things - it's great! 8/10

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 - due November 2002

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4

Aaron, 13, says:
It's quite good. The graphics are better than 3 and in this one you can go over heads, dustbins and stuff.

In the 1st one, the people were all matchstick men, but in this they are more realistic. And you can hit cars and damage them. 8.5/10

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