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  Fed-up Potter fans make their own magic
Updated 16 August 2002, 16.56
Potter fans write their own fiction
Jo Twist
CBBC Newsround Online

Millions of Harry Potter fans are so fed up of waiting for Book 5 - The Order of the Phoenix - to come out in 2003, they have started writing their own stories about Harry, Hermione and Ron.

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Fan fiction: giving JK a run for her money?
Fan fiction: giving JK a run for her money?

It's called fan fiction and thousands of people are reading it on the internet. Over 58,000 web pages from all over the world relate to Potter fan fiction.

They make no money out of it and most have disclaimers to say they are not stealing JK's ideas.

As one author puts it:

"I'm simply trying to create a series of stories that explores what Harry Potter would be like growing up with a muggle family that cares for and encourages him, though they may not always understand him."

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One fan fiction webmaster told CBBC Newsround Online:

"I have friends who never could write well, but after they read Harry Potter they started to write fan fiction and the stories are really good."

Our msg brds too

And it's on CBBC Newsround message boards too. Users wait eagerly for stories from users like Kitkat2000 and Danlover.

Stories are posted in separate instalments, but there are fan quizzes and votes too.

Many take specific characters from Hogwarts and write about them in entirely different surroundings and with separate storylines to JK's.

Not substitutes

Fake Potter book from China
Fake Potter book from China

But the stories are not meant to be substitutes for Book 5. They introduce new, completely made-up characters like Harold Margaven.

He appears in Knight Haze by Rachel, about two magic friends who get mixed up in Voldermort's plans to rule to the world - long before Harry's time.

Then there's Andrea, a telepathic, mysterious new girl on exchange from the US who tries to befriend Harry.

Some stories are set outside Hogwarts in Russia or China where Harry's on a special school exchange programme.

Community of fans

"Any stories about meeee?"

Loads of the websites are organised too with a real community feel.

They have fan fiction e-mail lists, message boards for reviews and comments on stories, and entire webrings taking fans to all the best places for stories.

There are "What If" and crossover stories which, for example, write about how Harry's life could have been different.

So there's plenty for true fans to read until autumn 2003.

By the way, Harry Potter publishers Bloomsbury were unable to comment on fan fiction!

You can check out our Harry Potter message board for all the latest fan fiction!

Hear story!Hear story!

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