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  New GameCube games reviewed
Updated 06 May 2002, 18.02
One of the games - Wave Race: Blue Storm
The GameCube is now on sale in Europe and Darren Waters has been trying out some of the games.

Wave Race: Blue Storm

Another scene from Wave Race: Blue Storm

A classic on the Nintendo 64, it's even more impressive on the GameCube.

It's a racing game on jet skis around exotic locations.

The game looks fantastic, with bright colours and sharp details - it feels a bit like an arcade game.

The sound is also top notch with great music.

It's great to play and really fulfils Nintendo's promise that the cube is all about fun.

Highly recommended.

Star Wars Rogue Leader II: Rogue Squadron

Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron

Star Wars games in the past have not been than good.

But this game is great - it's almost like you're in the film!

Your tasks include taking control of X-Wing and Y-Wing fighters to lead the assault on the Death Star and attacking AT-ATs on the snow planet of Hoth.

Many of the film series' most famous scenes are included in the game.

It's the closest thing to being Luke Skywalker, flying through space attacking giant destroyers/

Extremely forceful.

Luigis's Mansion


Luigi, like Mario, is one of the stars of the Nintendo family.

In his latest adventure he has to track down his brother who is locked in a haunted house.

The graphics are large and colourful but the game is a bit dull.

You take control of Luigi, negotiating a series of rooms, vacuuming up ghosts an solving simple puzzles.

It would be great fun for those under 10 but isn't very exciting for older gaming fans.


Crazy Taxi

A scene from Crazy Taxi

Crazy Taxi is the same as the game that was introduced on the Dreamcast two years ago.

It is still great fun to play, racing around cities, often on the wrong side of the road, dropping passengers off as quickly as possible.

The problem with the GameCube version is that it is so similar to the original one.

It should have been so much better.

Sadly disappointing.

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