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  The Return of the King film quiz
Updated 10 June 2004, 10.49
Return of the King

What colour is Legolas and Gimli's horse as they ride to Isengard?
  A: Black
  B: Brown
  C: Grey
When they get there, what does Pippin say is "particularly good"?
  A: The bread
  B: The salt pork
  C: The roast chicken
What does Sam hit Smeagol with when he catches him plotting?
  A: A rock
  B: A log
  C: A cooking pot
What does Pippin replace the Palantir with?
  A: A bowl
  B: A jug
  C: A big stone
How many pieces is the sword Narsil in?
  A: Five
  B: Six
  C: Seven
How many horns do the statues guarding Minas Morgul have?
  A: One
  B: Two
  C: Three
How many beacons are lit to call the Riders of Rohan to Gondor?
  A: 14
  B: 16
  C: 18
How many flying Nazgul attack the retreating defenders of Osgiliath?
  A: Two
  B: Three
  C: Four
What colour is the cloak of the King of the Dead?
  A: Green
  B: Black
  C: Red
What do the Gondorian soldiers have carved on their helmets?
  A: Horses
  B: Wings
  C: Trees
What shape are the shields of the Riders of Rohan?
  A: Round
  B: Square
  C: Triangular
What does Gandalf grab off a guard to stop Denethor burning himself and Faramir?
  A: A bucket of water
  B: A blanket
  C: A spear
How many Orcs does Sam fight on the stair in Minas Morgul?
  A: Two
  B: Three
  C: Four
How many stars are above the tree on Aragorn's chest as he rides to the Black Gate?
  A: Four
  B: Six
  C: Eight
According to Frodo's book, when did Gandalf show up?
  A: March 23rd
  B: April 25th
  C: May 29th

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