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  Bullying dilemas: Quiz two
Updated 24 September 2004, 14.49
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This quiz is from a "Stop Bullying" pack by Kidscape. To see this and loads more information on dealing with bullying, click here
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A new student comes into your class in the middle of the year and some kids are bullying them. What do you do?
  A: Make an effort to be friendly and invite them to eat lunch with you
  B: Join in the bullying
  C: Ignore it - everyone who's new gets a tough time
Your friends tell you to skip school or they will bully you. What do you do?
  A: Skip school with them
  B: Stay in school
Someone you know is being bullied. Maybe they are fat, spotty, small, wear glasses, are disabled, have red hair, don't like football etc. What do you do?
  A: Stand up for them and let a teacher or parent know what is happening
  B: Join in
  C: Ignore it - if you are different you deserve to get some stick
Kids in your school make racist comments to minority groups. What do you do?
  A: Ignore it and don't get involved
  B: Hit the kids making the comments
  C: Get other kids and teachers to help you stop the bullies making these comments
Someone you know is a bully. What do you do?
  A: Bully them to see how they like it
  B: Ignore it - what they do in their life is not your problem
  C: Try to find out why. Be a friend and set a good example.
An adult is bullying you. What do you do?
  A: Tell another adult you trust
  B: Say nothing
  C: Get some kids together to tell the adult to stop
You see someone being badly beaten on a bus or train. What do you do?
  A: Get off at the next stop
  B: Tell a conductor or guard. If there is no-one around, pull the emergency cord
A bully has threatened your little brother. He has begged you not to tell your parents. What do you do?
  A: Tell him to handle it
  B: Try to persuade your brother to come with you to talk to your parents
  C: Confront the bully

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