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  Bullying dilemmas: Quiz one
Updated 21 September 2004, 16.42
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This quiz is from a "Stop Bullying" pack by Kidscape. To see this and loads more information on dealing with bullying, click here
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Question 1

You are walking to school and a gang of older bullies demand your money, skateboard, trainers. What do you do?

A: Fight them
B: Shout and try to run away
C: Give them the money and report them later

Question 2

You are on the school playground and someone accidentally trips you up? What do you do?

A: Hit the person hard
B: Give them a chance to apologise
C: Sit down and cry

Question 3

You are in the school toilet when an older student punches you and tells you not to do anything or "You'll get worse." What do you do?

A: Wait until the bully leaves and then tell a teacher
B: Get into a fight with them
C: Accept what happened and don't tell

Question 4

A gang of bullies gets you alone and start beating you. What do you do?

A: Do nothing - just take it
B: Shout for attention and run away
C: Fight back

Question 5

Someone in your class always makes rude comments about you and says them loud enough for you and others to hear. It really upsets you. What do you do?

A: Get angry and punch the bully in the nose
B: Get upset and cry
C: Try not to react to the comments and tell the teacher

Question 6

Your former "best" friends start to bully you. This hurts your feelings and you are quite miserable. What do you do?

A: Try to find a new group
B: Ring one member of the group to ask them why they are doing this and tell your parents
C: Do both of the above

Question 7

Your friend's dad recently died and some kids are saying and making hurtful comments about it. What do you do?

A: Come to your friend's defence and tell them to stop it
B: Leave your friend to sort out their own problems
C: Ignore it - it will eventually stop

Question 8

You are walking in the lunch room and someone yells out a negative comment directed at you. It is the first time this has happened. What do you do?

A: Yell back
B: Ignore it for now but if it happens again tell a teacher
C: Knock their lunch tray over

Question 9

You see someone being bullied. What do you do?

A: Get help or try to stop the bully yourself - only if you can so do without getting hurt
B: Ignore it, walk by and be thankful it isn't you
C: Give the bully an approving look so they won't bully you in the future

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