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  The Moon
Updated 18 August 2003, 15.58
The Earth as seen from the Moon
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Question 1

Roughly how long does it take the Moon to orbit the Earth?

A: 1 day
B: 1 month
C: 1 year

Question 2

Roughly how long does it take the Moon to orbit the Sun?

A: 1 day
B: 1 month
C: 1 year

Question 3

Why do we only ever see one side of the Moon?

A: We never watch it long enough
B: The Moon is a flat circle, there is no other side
C: The Moon takes the same length of time to spin around once as it does to orbit the Earth
D: We don't just see one side, you're making it up

Question 4

How strong is the Moon's gravity?

A: About six times weaker than the Earth's
B: The same as the Earth's
C: About six times stronger than the Earth's

Question 5

Where do most scientists believe the Moon came from?

A: It's a small planet that got caught in Earth's gravity
B: It's the debris from a planet the size of Mars that crashed into the Earth
C: It's actually just swamp gas reflecting the light from Venus

Question 6

How old is the Moon?

A: 450,000 years
B: 45 million years
C: 4.5 billion years

Question 7

How far away is the Moon?

A: 38,000 km
B: 380,000 km
C: 3.8 million km

Question 8

The Moon is slowly moving away from Earth, but by how much each year?

A: 4 cm
B: 4 metres
C: 400 metres

Question 9

When did man first walk on the Moon?

A: 1968
B: 1969
C: 1996

Question 10

Who was the second man to walk on the Moon?

A: Buzz Aldrin
B: Michael Collins
C: Neil Armstrong

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