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  Quiz of the year 2002
Updated 28 December 2002, 15.58

Which of these countries did not convert to the Euro in 2002?
  A: The Netherlands
  B: Spain
  C: Sweden
Who was voted best player at football's World Cup Finals?
  A: Brazil's Ronaldo
  B: Germany's Oliver Kahn
  C: Portugal's Luis Figo
Fires destroyed homes and bushland in which state of Australia?
  A: Tasmania
  B: South Australia
  C: New South Wales
How old was the Queen Mother when she died?
  A: 99
  B: 100
  C: 101
The 2002 Winter Olympics took place where in the USA?
  A: Salt Lake City
  B: Aspen
  C: Lake Tahoe
What did President Bush choke on which made him faint?
  A: Peanut
  B: Pretzel
  C: Biscuit
A deadly virus threatened what type of animals off the coast of Britain?
  A: Penguins
  B: Otters
  C: Seals
Who won the Ladies' Final at Wimbledon?
  A: Serena Williams
  B: Venus Williams
  C: Anna Kournikova
What did David Blaine do for 35 hours in New York City?
  A: Stood on his head
  B: Stood on top of a giant pole
  C: Stood on top of the Statue of Liberty
In which country was the World Earth Summit held?
  A: South Africa
  B: Australia
  C: USA
In which month did the Queen celebrate her Golden Jubilee?
  A: May
  B: June
  C: July
Who came third in Pop Idol?
  A: Darius Danesh
  B: Jessica Garlick
  C: Zoe Birbeck
Rebels in Moscow held hostages where?
  A: In a school
  B: In a restaurant
  C: In a theatre
American Steve Fossett flew around the world solo in what?
  A: Hang-glider
  B: Balloon
  C: Helicopter
What coloured carrots went on sale in supermarkets?
  A: Blue
  B: Red
  C: Purple
Which team won the FA Cup Final?
  A: Arsenal
  B: Chelsea
  C: Manchester United
Which artist released his album early because it was already on the internet?
  A: Justin Timberlake
  B: Will Young
  C: Eminem
How many years was Droopy the dog away from home?
  A: 2 years
  B: 4 years
  C: 5 years
Who's had the biggest selling album this year in the UK?
  A: Gareth Gates
  B: Ms Dynamite
  C: Robbie Williams
Who's going to direct the third Harry Potter film?
  A: Chris Columbus
  B: Alfonso Cuaron
  C: Steven Spielberg

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