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  World 2003
First day of bombing in Baghdad
1/10 The war in Iraq started in March with the bombing of Baghdad. The fighting started because the US and UK governments believed Iraq had weapons of mass destruction
Kids protest against the war
2/10 The bombing lasted for 24 nights and many soldiers and Iraqis lost their lives. Thousands of people demonstrated against the war and lots of you walked out of class to protest
Statue of Saddam Hussein is pulled to the ground
3/10 By April Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's rule was over and people took to the streets to celebrate by pulling down his statues and defacing pictures of him
Saddam Hussein at the time of his capture
4/10 Saddam Hussein disappeared and a huge manhunt was launched. Finally in December he was found hiding in a hole near his hometown of Tikrit. He's being questioned by US forces and will stand trial in the future
Car bomb attack in Baghdad
5/10 But the violence continues in Iraq. Most days there are attacks on coalition soldiers.
People wore surgical masks to protect themselves from catching the deadly Sars virus
6/10 A killer flu spread across the world infecting more than 8,000 people. Around 900 died from the virus - known as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome - or Sars. There were only four cases of it in the UK
Columbia fell apart as it re-entered the Earth's atmosphere on 1 February 2003, killing its crew of seven astronauts
7/10 Space shuttle Columbia was on its way back down to earth in February when it exploded - killing all seven astronauts on board. US space agency Nasa has been partly blamed for the disaster
Explosion in Gaza
8/10 There was more violence in the Middle East in 2003. Israel and Palestinian groups have been fighting for more than 50 years over how much land each should control in an area called Gaza as well as parts of Jerusalem.
The security fence
9/10 This year building started in the region on a massive dividing wall of concrete, mesh and razor wire to separate the communities - but some countries reckon the wall could create more hatred between the two sides
Toronto was one of the cities in Canada also hit by the massive power cuts
10/10 Millions of people were left in the dark by the biggest blackout in US history. Major cities were left in darkness across North Eastern America and Canada.

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