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Last Updated: Monday June 13 2011 10:44 GMT

Thomas the Tank Engine and friends on new stamps

The Fat Controller - Sir Topham Hatt - shows off a large stamp as Thomas the Tank Engine looks on

All aboard! Sir Topham Hatt - the Fat Controller - shows off a new set of stamps featuring Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends. They must be feeling chuffed!

The 66p stamp featuring James and the first-class stamp featuring Thomas the Tank Engine

Thomas himself is on the first class stamp - and naughty James the red engine is on the 66p stamp.

The 76p stamp featuring Daisy and Percy is on the 68p stamp

The stamps are marking what would have been the 100th birthday of creator the Reverend Wilbert Awdry. Daisy and Percy look ready to set off on their stamps.

The 1.10 stamp featuring Gordon and the 1 stamp with Toby

Gordon the big engine looks like he's being sent on a trip by the Fat Controller on his stamp - and Toby looks as though he's a bit worried!