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Last Updated: Monday June 13 2011 05:38 GMT

Duck families need help, says RSPCA

Mother duck and her ducklings

The RSPCA is urging animal lovers to help protect duck families.

The animal charity has seen hundreds of ducklings, including some which had been attacked, being brought in to its wildlife centres.

One duckling had been stamped on, another pelted with toys, and others orphaned after a car deliberately hit their mother, the charity reported.

More than 550 ducklings have been admitted to its centres this spring, with 235 taken in Norfolk alone.

The RSPCA's Alison Charles said people needed to keep an eye out for ducks at this time of year.

She added: "We have more ducklings than I can count at the moment.

"Some are here because of genuine accidents but many are the result of deliberate acts which can be pretty brutal."


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